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Facelift Richmond, Virginia: Dr. Niamtu interviewed on ABC about face and neck lift options

Joe Niamtu, III DMD discusses face and neck lift options with TV 8 anchor Matt DiNardo.

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The Best of Richmond

The Best

Dr. Joe and his staff have been nominated as a finalist for “Best Plastic Surgeon” by the Richmond-Times Dispatch newspaper.  Although we asked you to vote in another contest earlier this year, winning this type of awards is a huge accolade for me and my staff.

I feel that I have the best and most compassionate staff in the world and with them we have developed an international reputation for excellence in cosmetic facial surgery.  Displaying these awards on our wall serves as a continual reminder of our commitment to excellence.

We would like to ask you to vote in the Richmond Times-Dispatch contest “The Best”.

I promise we won’t bug you again until next year!


Voting Directions

Please click this link:

Scroll down to the middle of the webpage

Then click on “Register/Login”

Then enter your email and register then click continue

Go to your inbox and click on the link to confirm your email (this will take you back to the ballot to cast your vote!)

Click on “Health and Beauty” (on left side of page)

Click on “The Best Plastic Surgeon”

Click the word “Vote” beside “Joseph Niamtu, Cosmetic Facial Surgery”


Dr. Niamtu & Staff

Kybella is Here; the first non-surgical treatment for double chins

I have never reposted a post but am doing it today.  With the coverage of Kybella on the many of the morning and news shows this AM, I have received many inquiries about this new treatment.

This video tells the entire story.  I am one of the few certified Kybella trainers in Virginia and have been training other doctors to use Kybella.  I think the new FDA treatment will make an impact on selected patients with double chin or fat under their chin.

For more information about Kybella or cosmetic facial surgery visit


Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

804-934-FACE (3223)

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1 million Blog hits and 2 million YouTube Hits

1 million blog

My main goal in life was to be a surgeon, a teacher and an author.  Medical publishing on the topic of cosmetic facial surgery is and has always been a big part of my life.  In 2008 I began writing a blog and posting YouTube videos on cosmetic facial surgery wondering who would read them.  I am elated to say that this month I have had my one millionth hit on my blog and my 2.2 million view of my YouTube videos.  This is truly astonishing and satisfying as many of these blogs and movies were posted after midnight, trying to use my spare time to write.  Probably 98% of these posts and videos deal with cosmetic surgery and the remainder deal with various topics such as people with disabilities, domestic violence, and other pressing issues.  With a total of over 3 million views, it makes you wonder who reads or watches them; in what country and what time of the day or night.

There is no doubt that social media has changed the landscape of communication, education and cosmetic surgery in general and it takes a lot of work (again in your spare time) to attempt to stay abreast.  These videos and posts are interactive and I receive inquiries and discussions and answer responses from students, patients, and other surgeons all over the world. So far this week I have communicated with people from Thailand, India, Kenya, Romania, Germany, Japan, Canada and of course various states in the USA.

When I went into practice 30 years ago, I began seeing patients from the Southside of the James River in Richmond, this spread to the entire city and over the years to a statewide level and on to other states.  The last decade has advanced my practice (and that of many other surgeons) to an international level.   This is truly an honor and is reflective of the Internet effect, the popularity of cosmetic surgery and the depth of social media.

Generating media for 3 million views has been a labor, but it is a labor of love.  For more information on cosmetic facial surgery visit


Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia

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Dr. Niamtu featured on NBC for his work with domestic violence survivor after machete attack

I have treated tens of thousands of patients over my career and Davette Hayes is one of the strongest, courageous and most beautiful people that I have ever met.  She is truly one of my heroes.  She was violently attacked with a machete in a domestic violence incident.  The surgeons at VCU Medical Center saved her life and her hand.  I have had the pleasure of treating Davette for the past several years to improve her facial scars and disfigurement.  We are treating her free of  charge and her presence lights  up our office and brightens our day.    Her resolve to heal (internally and externally) is amazing and I think she will devote her life to assisting other domestic violence victims and survivors.  It is truly our pleasure to assist her.

Dr. Joe Niamtu, III is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with a practice limited to cosmetic facial surgery.  He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and on their board of directors.

For more information visit

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I Have Met the Real Ken and Barbie!

Justin Jedlica



Barbie Cindy Jackson 1



Cosmetic surgery is not only my job, it is my passion and one of the perks is getting to lecture all over the world. There are some curious things associated with this profession and whether you call it bizarre, edgy, interesting or crazy, the world is obsessed with looking younger. Whether you love it or love to hate it, pop culture and reality TV have presented us with a list of characters including Real Housewives and Botched surgical procedures. High on this list are people that want to look like other people and we are all familiar with the people that want to look like Ken and Barbie dolls.  They embrace cosmetic surgery as a passion and a profession. They both will tell you that they simply want to look as good as they can and that although they have set records for having the most procedures, etc., it was not their original goal. I have to be honest in saying that when I met Cindy Jackson while lecturing in Belgium and Justin Jedlica this week while lecturing in Las Vegas I expected them to be strange, self-centered, and too important. I was dead wrong on both occasions as they are really down to earth folks who are as nice as they could be; they just have a different spin on cosmetic surgery than most people.

Meet Justin Jedlica.

Everyone knows about Barbie’s plastic companion, Ken. Well, Justin Jedlica is The Human Ken Doll! The media has dubbed him with this title because he boasts over one hundred cosmetic procedures! His unique looks, outgoing personality and list of extreme surgeries have been a source of controversy around the world. This self-professed “artist” and “pioneer of the modifiable male aesthetic” has no intention of stopping his surgical alterations.

The above is a blurb from Justin’s website.

Justin Jedlica2


April, Justin and Joe

It sounds pretty crazy, but over dinner last night Justin explained that he appreciates perfection in the male body and wants to do all he can to enhance it. He has a business as a cosmetic surgery consultant and he will moving to Hollywood in the next couple of weeks. He is a very nice person who loves the attention and is becoming a reality TV star in his own right.  He is doing what he wants to do and people love to hate it. Obviously the average person would find his quest excessive, so you would have to say he is on the extreme end the spectrum. I hope he has a happy life because he really is a nice person.


Meet Cindy Jackson

I grew up in Fremont, a small Ohio farming community. My father was a farmer-turned- inventor from Indiana and my mother was a Kentucky coal-miner’s daughter. I have an older sister named Gloria. In addition to our extremely unusual home life, we had a very sheltered and isolated upbringing. Feeling like a complete misfit, I always knew there was another life waiting for me far away from the cornfields of the Midwest. When I was six years old my parents bought me a Barbie doll, which served to fuel my escapist fantasies. In my imagination I dreamed of a happy and glamorous life for my doll. Through Barbie I could glimpse an alternative destiny.

These are the beginning words on Cindy’s website.



Cindy, Joe and April in Brussles

She claims to have the world record for the most cosmetic surgery procedures. Think she is some dumb bimbo? Think again, she is a member of Mensa and is a true genius on paper and in life. She has parlayed her cosmetic experiences into one of the most famous cosmetic consultants in the world and is based in London. Patients from all over the world pay her for advice and recommendations on cosmetic surgery. My wife and I had a great time with Cindy during our time in Brussels. She is outgoing, funny, charming and knows more about cosmetic surgery than some doctors. I am sure this blog post will garner a lot of comments, both positive and negative, but agree or not, it is this type of curiosity that drives reality TV and pop culture and nothing has more of a hot button than cosmetic surgery. I would never suggest to any of my patients to pursue cosmetic surgery to any excessive level and I am actually a pretty conservative surgeon. It is, however, interesting to meet and know the people that involve this industry. Having said this multiple times, both Justin and Cindy are intelligent and down to earth people that are doing what they love………….cosmetic surgery. I guess you could say that I am doing the same thing. Just differently.

and last but not least it was great to see our friend Dr. Drew Ordon, host of the TV show “The Doctors” here in Las Vegas.  Our meeting here with Drew is an annual event we look forward to.

Ordon 2015

Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia

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Kybella: Lose your double chin without surgery

This month a drug called Kybella was approved by the FDA as the first and only non-surgical means of treating isolated fat deposits under the chin.  I recently returned from Kybella training in Miami and I am proud to be one of the first trainers in Virginia.  This video explains everything you wanted to know about Kybella and non-surgical facial fat removal.  The fee for Kybella will likely be around $600 to $900 per treatment (depending on the amount used) and most patients will require 2-4 treatments space 1-2 months apart.  This is not a substitute for facelift surgery but may offer an exciting advance in conservative treatments.

To learn about surgical and non-surgical options for cosmetic facial surgery visit


Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia



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Writing a Textbook……….Again!

both books

In 2011 I was honored to to have been asked to write a major cosmetic surgery text book for Elsevier, the largest medical publishing company in the world.  The first edition was over 1,000 pages and had over 3,000 pictures.  I did all of this myself except for a great chapter on rhinolasty by my good friend and cosmetic surgeon par excellence Dr. Angelo Cuzalina.  Looking back, I am not sure how I actually found the time to devote to such a project.

This book, despite having almost a $300 price tag sold quite well and was translated into a Latin version for Spanish speaking countries.  I have heard from surgeons all over the world who purchased this textbook and I am very honored to have written it.  When I finished the first version, I said that would be my last major writing  project of that magnitude.  I enjoy writing and have written 4 other smaller textbooks and hundreds of scientific articles, but the big book took all my spare time for 2 years.

Well, never say never!  I received a call from London from the plastic surgery division of Elsevier and was informed that my book is one that sold well enough to be rewritten as a second edition.  This was a  huge compliment as there are thousands of textbooks written every year but only a small percentage are chosen for future editions.  I was really going to tell them no, but I started thinking that it is quite an honor to write a major cosmetic surgery text for the plastic surgery division of the largest medical textbook publisher in the world.  I signed the final contracts several months ago and have been writing in every bit of my spare time since January.  I have spent some weekends typing for 10 hours.  I have to thank my wife for being a textbook widow and my staff for assisting with all the thousands of new  pictures and videos that are required for a new text.

This second edition will be a totally new book and not a reheated version of the first text.  I have rewritten each chapter and retaken 98% of all the previous photographs.  In addition I have invited friends from plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, dermatology, oculoplastic surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery to add new chapters to this edition.  For the surgeons that bought the first version, this will be a totally new book.

So as I pass up most of my free time again for a solid year, I am excited to turn out what I believe will be a classic cosmetic facial surgery text.  The first version was simply titled Cosmetic Facial Surgery, and the second version will be my opus, which might be a good name.  I will keep my friends posted of the progress and the availability date which I hope will be 2016.


Managing and arranging 400 photos for the facelift chapter.



Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia

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Dr. Joe Niamtu and Team Win Best Cosmetic Surgeon for the Fifth Year in a Row

Style 2015

I am so excited to announce that for the fifth year in a row we have been voted first place for “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” in the 2015 Style Magazine Reader’s Choice Award.  Our goal from day one was to provide excellence in cosmetic facial surgery and I am passionate about my job.  I love going to work to interact with the greatest patients and staff in the world.  Every day we strive to deliver the best and safest patient care with most natural outcomes.

On behalf of my staff and myself I want to thank the citizens of Richmond and the readers of Style Magazine for voting us First Place for Best Cosmetic Surgeon once again.

For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit


Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia

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Busy Summer for Teaching Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Academics is a big part of my life and one of my favorite things is teaching cosmetic facial surgery.  Although I will be all over the globe in the next calendar year, I have several courses coming up soon that I look forward to each year and have been doing for a long time.

The first course is Enhanced Facial Rejuvenation at Tulsa Surgical Arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My buddy and cosmetic surgeon par excellence Dr. Angelo Cuzalina and I are hosting this live surgery workshop.  We always have a great crowd and a great time and it is worth seeing Dr. C’s 25,000 square foot office that looks more like Vegas than Tulsa.


june course


In July I will once again have the honor to be part of the faculty of the St. Louis University Cosmetic Blepharoplasty and Fundamentals of Facelift Surgical Course.  There are so many well known oculoplastic, plastic and cosmetic surgeons on this faculty it is amazing.  The cadaver lab is part of the Department of Surgery, School of Medicine at St. Louis University and is a world class facility for teaching and learning.




In September this year I will host my own cosmetic facial surgery course in Richmond, Virginia.  This is our 11th  year of presenting this course and we host it every March and September.  We have doctors from all specialties and from all over the world here in Richmond and it is always a great teaching, learning and social weekend.





For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit


Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia

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