Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Chin Implant Problems

Facial implants are one of my favorite and most popular procedures.  Like any surgery, their success relies on an experienced surgeon who understands the dynamics of facial implant placement.  Many factors go into a successful case, especially alignment and fixation.  I see patients from around the country with improperly placed implants and this video demonstrates […]

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Middle Eastern Cosmetic Facial Surgery

ara int

While speaking at a cosmetic surgery conference in Las Vegas last month I was interviewed by Tajmeeli which is an online site to “Help Arabs navigate the world of cosmetic surgery.”  This underlines the intense desire for all cultures to look good.  It was interesting to see myself showcased in Arabic.  My basic premise is […]

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Fat Transfer for Facial Rejuvenation


Injectable facial fillers (Volume, Lyft, Belotero, Restylane and Juvederm) are the most common methods of reinflating the aging face.  I also am a huge proponent of cheek implants which is a permanent treatment.  Fat transfer is another method of using ones own (and often times plentiful) fat to fill out sagging facial tissues and plump […]

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Allergan Harmony Advisory Board

Harmony2 Group Photo hi_res

  I have been an instructor and advisory board member for Allergan (maker of Botox, Juvederm, Voluma and Latisse)  for years and had a great experience this weekend in Dallas with the Allergan Harmony Advisory Board meeting.  I joined other Allergan instructors who represent some of the top injectors in the USA from plastic surgery, […]

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Botox Treamtent for TMJ/TMD and Facial Pain

Although my practice is limited to cosmetic facial surgery of the head and neck, I am one of top 3% of Botox injectors in the country and therefore see a wide range of Botox patients.  Some of these patients are referred for Botox injection in the facial muscles that involve facial pain syndromes, TMJ and […]

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Subcision: A treatment Option for Nasolabial Folds and Scars


I have had numerous requests from doctors to demonstrate subcision technique.  The following video shows subcision for nasolabial folds.  Although not as effective as injectable fillers, it is a simple treatment that can provide results. For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit   Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia

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Some Doctors Say Cheek Implants Don’t Work!


From time to time I hear patients say that their surgeon told them that cheek implants are not a good option because “they don’t work” or they “dissolve bone” or they have “taken out more than they have put in”. Having placed hundreds and hundreds of implants and having cheek implants in my own face, […]

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