Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Dr. Niamtu Interviewed by British Media about the Ken and Barbie of Cosmetic Surgery


Justin and Pixie are names synonymous with extreme plastic surgery and are the self-proclaimed Ken & Barbie of cosmetic surgery. They are  both really humble, down to earth individuals and also they are both very intelligent. I look forward to seeing them every year at this meeting because they are sincere and fun. They are […]

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A Nice Story from A Happy Facelift Patient


Lisa is a very special person who has conveyed her past experiences and how cosmetic facial surgery has changed her life.   “It was 1979, my senior year of high school when I sported a new hair cut; the ‘Dorothy Hamill wedge.’ I even used Prell shampoo she promoted to get the full effect! I […]

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10 Minute Buccal Fat Reduct


Buccal fat pad reduction is a simple procedure to decrease fullness in the cheeks and face. A small incision is made inside the mouth and the fat pad is exposed and reduced. This produces a moderate reduction of fullness in the lower cheek. This procedure is not a substitute for weight loss and makes a […]

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Quick and Easy Buccal Fat Reduction to Slim the face: Two Approaches


Buccal fat pads are normal fat deposits in the cheeks.  Some patients develop large buccal fat pads which produces unwanted fullness of the cheek or jowl.  Reduction of the buccal fat pads is an easy procedure usually done through the inside of the mouth that takes only minutes and has a short recovery.  Patients undergoing […]

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Choosing the Right Cheek Implant for your Face


Dr. Joe Niamtu, III cosmetic facial surgeon in Richmond, Virginia is internationally recognized for facial implants. In this video he discusses choosing the right size, shape and position for silicone cheek implants. Choosing the right surgeon and right implant placed in right place equals success. For more information on cheek implants or cosmetic facial surgery […]

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Chin Implant Problems

Chin Implant Problems

Facial implants are one of my favorite and most popular procedures.  Like any surgery, their success relies on an experienced surgeon who understands the dynamics of facial implant placement.  Many factors go into a successful case, especially alignment and fixation.  I see patients from around the country with improperly placed implants and this video demonstrates […]

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Middle Eastern Cosmetic Facial Surgery

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While speaking at a cosmetic surgery conference in Las Vegas last month I was interviewed by Tajmeeli which is an online site to “Help Arabs navigate the world of cosmetic surgery.”  This underlines the intense desire for all cultures to look good.  It was interesting to see myself showcased in Arabic.  My basic premise is […]

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