Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Men and minorities are the largest growing group of cosmetic surgery patients. Although more popular with females, men want to stay young and healthy too! As the attitudes of society change, men are living longer, working out, staying healthy and looking younger. Many men want to look younger to be competitive in relationships and in the workplace.

menAlthough the procedures are basically the same for men and women, there are many small differences that must be appreciated by the cosmetic surgeon. For instance if the surgeon treats male eyelids in the same manner as female eyelids, the result will be a feminized look, which is unacceptable. These small subtleties carry over to every single operation, which means that men want a surgeon who understands these details.

The most popular cosmetic facial procedures for men are listed below.
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Eyelid Surgery Facelift Surgery Facial Implant Surgery Facial Liposuction Spider Vein Removal Botox  Facial Fillers

Richmond Virginia in top 10 U.S. cities for cosmetic surgery?

Believe it or not, Richmond, Virginia was listed as one of the top 10 cities in the USA for cosmetic surgery.  Male cosmetic facial surgery being a big part of Dr. Niamtu’s practice makes him a contributor to this rating.  It also shows the growing popularity of cosmetic facial surgery for both men and women.

Our web site contains thousands of before and after images. These include images of cosmetic surgery in men on the various procedure pages. This page includes randomly selected male patients. To see other male before and after pictures, please consult the other pages on our site.


Some nice words form our male facelift patients (click pictures to enlarge).

Fred Paul Review

The patient below is shown before and after facelift surgery.

The following 3 images show the actual before and after incision scars from the patient shown above.

  Untitled - 15 Untitled - 13 Untitled - 18

The patient below is shown before and after facelift surgery.

Untitled - 17


Dr. Niamtu featured in article on Male Facelift SurgeryRichmond Magazine

October, 2010

Article: Dr. Niamtu on male facelift surgery

Patient Larry Price discusses his facelift with Dr. Niamtu

Dr. Niamtu Video TV Interview

Dr. Niamtu on CBS discussing Cosmetic Surgery for Men (2005)




Mini facelift

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The above patient underwent comprehensive facelift for jowls and excess neck skin

Conservative Facelift, Cosmetic Surgery for Men, Before and After Photos, Richmond VA
Conservative Facelift, Cosmetic Surgery for Men, Before and After Photos, Richmond VA
Conservative Facelift, Cosmetic Surgery for Men, Before and After Photos, Richmond VA

Mini Facelift

Facelift   Eyelids  Cheek Implants  Laser Skin Resurfacing


Comprehensive Facelift

Facelift and Chin Implant



The patient below is shown 5 days after facelift surgery illustrating typical swelling and bruising for male facelift.

Male Facelift Scars

The blue lines show the facelift incision used in most male patients.  The goal of the incision is to hide the scars in the ear, behind the ear and in the hairline.

Facial surgical scars generally heal excellent in males.  Although they heal well in females as well, the male skin is thicker and generally bearded which truly serves to camouflage the scar.  Most male facelift scars are imperceptible……………only your hair dresser knows for sure!


Dr. Niamtu takes extra time and technique and expertise to hide facelift scars where they are barely perceptible.


This male patient is shown after facelift surgery and his scars are almost invisible


Radio and TV personality Bill Bevins decided that it was time to do something for his appearance. “People kept asking me if I was tired” said Bill, “so I consulted my longtime friend Dr. Joe Niamtu for options. The surgery was done in his office surgery center and took less than an hour and I was back at work on Monday,” Bevins added. “I am glad I did it and should have done it a long time ago. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to look and feel better.”

Below are other patients treated by Dr. Niamtu.

Eyelid Surgery Cases



Upper Eyelid Tuck (blepharoplasty)

Upper eyelid surgery only

Upper and lower eyelids with lower lid laser


This male patient underwent upper and lower eyelid tuck with CO2 laser resurfacing on the lower eyelid skin

Upper and Lower Eyelid Tuck (blepharoplasty)

Upper & Lower Lids

Upper Eyelids Only

Morgan Small 4
Morgan Big 5

Upper Eyelids Only

Upper Eyelid Tuck

Upper Eyelid Tuck

Untitled - 1
Untitled - 2

Upper Eyelid Tuck

Lower Eyelid Tuck

Morgan Big 6

Upper Eyelid Tuck

Conservative cosmetic upper eyelid surgery



Lower eyelid tuck


The above patient had upper and lower eyelid tuck and cheek implants.



Upper and Lower Eyelid Tuck

upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck)

Botox treatment for forehead wrinkles

Botox treatment crows feet


Radiowave mole removal


Radiowave removal of age spot


Rhinophyma is an extreme thickening of the nose skin and can be easily reduced with laser resurfacing and Ellman Radiowave Surgery. (click images to enlarge)



Otoplasty is a procedure for protruding ears. The procedure takes about 1 hour and the recovery is about one week.


Cheek implants are a 20 minute procedure that can add youthful volume to the face with minimal recovery. They are permanent unless removal is desired. Removal takes about 5 minutes each with local anesthesia if desired.

Spider Veins, Before and After Photos, Richmond VA
Spider Veins, Before and After Photos, Richmond VA

Spider vein removal is accomplished with specialized lasers and can be done over lunch with no recovery. You walk in with them and walk out without them.

before and after photos of CO2 laser resurfacing for acne scars

Acne scarring can effectively be treated with CO2 laser resurfacing.

Ear Lobe Reduction

Earlobe Reduction Before & After Photos, Richmond VA

Like any other part of the body, some patients inherit or develop large earlobes which is known as megalobe. Many patients go their entire life, often getting teased, not realizing that reduction is a very simple process. There are numerous ways of reducing large earlobes. These include removing a pie shaped wedge of tissue or recontouring the entire lobe. Regardless of the method, the surgery is simple and consists of a 15 minute procedure per ear that is done in the office with local anesthesia.

The images below show a male patient before and after earlobe reduction.

Injectable fillers for men

The patient below is shown before and immediately after filler injection to improve the nasolabial folds (smile lines)

Lip Augmentation in Men

Although most lip filler treatment is performed in women, men also request treatment.  Some men either have very thin lips from heridity or from aging, and in either case, they can have fuller lips in minutes with injectable fillers.  The male patient shown below had one syringe of hyaluronic acid filler injected, half in each lip.


The male patient below is shown before and after a lower lip reduction.