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Why Do We Turn Away From People with Disabilities?

Last week, “The Greatest” Mohammed Ali threw out the first pitch of the season for the Miami Marlins.  This was a very noble act with one of the most recognized humans on the earth bestowing an honor for a great city and team.  The problem began when Ali was driven out to the mound on […]

1 million Blog hits and 2 million YouTube Hits

My main goal in life was to be a surgeon, a teacher and an author.  Medical publishing on the topic of cosmetic facial surgery is and has always been a big part of my life.  In 2008 I began writing a blog and posting YouTube videos on cosmetic facial surgery wondering who would read them. […]

Google Glass: Awesome Technology or is the Cart before the Horse

Somehow I received the opportunity to be an “Explorer” for Google Glass At first I was hesitant as I thought it was some scam, but after verifying with Google, I placed my order (yep, even Explorers have to shell out $1,500).  Several days later a box from Google was on my doorstep!   Being a techie, […]

My One Hundredth Blog!

Several years ago, the notion of surgeons (or anybody for that matter) hosting blogs came to forefront of social media.  The word “blog” is short for “web log” which is a collection of writings by a person.  This is somewhat of an online diary or compilation of musings that an audience may or may not […]

Giving Back in the Covid-19 Crisis

I started working as an assistant newspaper delivery boy when I was eight years old and at ten years of age I inherited the paper route as my own.  Ever since that time I have never been without a job. I always worked part time during school, and it has been very strange to be […]

My Son Joey Celebrates his 20th Birthday

On April 12, 2000 I had the life changing experience of having my first child and son born.  A lifelong dream fulfilled.  Joey Niamtu, IV was born with normal birth scores and all seemed fine.  Within several months he began having seizures and we found out that his life would never be normal; our life […]

Happy Birthday Evan- You are a tough guy buddy!

Today, my second son Evan turned 16.  There were many years where we did not know if he would make it to 16 years of age.  After my first son Joey was born with severe disabilities, we underwent high risk neonatal counseling and testing and were advised that Joey’s condition was an intrauterine mutation and […]

Happy Mother’s Day to a Very Special Mom!

  Obviously, Mother’s Day is one of the most important celebrations of the year.  This is a time to attempt to show Mother’s (and wives) how important they are in our lives.  I say “attempt” because most of us fall short in the expression of gratitude because it is frequently impossible to thank mom enough. […]

Captain Scott Kelly: an American Hero

Last week I had the opportunity to support the Virginia Home and meet Captain Scott Kelly who holds the record for the most accumulated days in space which is 382 days! He commanded 4 space flights on the International Space Station and scored a record 340 days in space in 2015.  Scott has a twin […]

Dr. Joe and April Niamtu Chair 2016 Easter Seals Gala

It was my (and my wife’s) honor to be the chairpersons for the 2016 Easter Seals annual gala. A pre gala event was hosted at the Positive Vibe Cafe (a renown organization in itself) and Dr. Joe and April were guest bartenders.  It was an  honor to be acknowledged by the Richmond Times-Dispatch for Volunteer week. […]