Local Attractions in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond fun facts!

  • Founded in 1737, city since 1871
  • Richmond metro area is 1,260,029 people
  • Richmond city is 217,853, fourth most populous in VA
  • Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty or Give me death” speech in 1775 at St John’s Church
  • Capital of the Confederacy
  • Near the end of the war in April 1865 25% of the city burned
  • 1968 Merger of Richmond Professional Institute and Medical College of Virginia created Virginia Commonwealth University
  • MCV started in 1838. First permanent home was the Egyptian Building in 1944. MCV played a big role in the Civil War. Name changed in 2004 to the MCV campus of VCU.

Famous People

  • Thomas Jefferson designed the VA State Capitol
  • John Marshall – longest serving Chief Justice in Supreme Court History
  • Patrick Henry lived here – Give me Liberty or Give me Death.
  • Pochontas lived in the Henries Historical Park
  • Maggie Walker was the first African American Female founder and president of a bank
  • Oliver Hill was a primary attorney in Brown V Board
  • Douglas Wilder was first African American governor in the US
  • Edgar Allen Poe grew up in Richmond
  • Arthur Ashe grew up here
  • Authors David Baldacci, Tom Wolfe, Douglas Freeman and Patricia Cornwell lived in Richmond.
  • Ralph Sampson lived here
  • Jimmy Dean lived here
  • Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson born and discovered in Richmond

Places to Walk/Be Outside

Malls/Shopping Areas

  • Stony Point Fashion Park
  • Short Pump Town Center
  • Chesterfield Towne Center

Fun Stuff to Do!

Food Tours – http://www.rivercityfoodtours.com/tours/carytown-food-tour/

Segway Tours – http://segwayofrichmond.biz/

Mural Tours – https://richmondmuralproject.squarespace.com/murals-1

City of Richmond Attractions


It is our pleasure to have you visit our great City of Richmond, Virginia. We have put together some helpful resources for your travel convenience. If you need further assistance do not hesitate to ask us.