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The Weekend Facelift

We classify facelifts as small, medium and large. We also refer to the small facelift as “the weekend facelift”. The weekend facelift is designed for younger patients with minimal to moderate aging or those patients who for some other reason cannot tolerate a larger lift. Everybody wishes they could have this lift, but in reality it is a procedure for people in the early to mid 40’s only. As easy as the procedure sounds, it simply won’t be good or last as long on patients past their mid 40’s. Some doctors use this lift for every patient and consumers must be very careful as a “weekend lift” or any “short cut” facelift is frequently a marketing technique. Shortcut procedure will equal shortcut result.

What is a Weekend Facelift or Weekend Lift?

The term “weekend lift” refers to the fact that most of the healing occurs over a several day period. It is not uncommon to perform this type of a lift on a Thursday and have the patient return to work the following Tuesday.

The weekend (small) facelift is an excellent procedure for sagging jowls and minor neck aging. Patients with moderate to neck aging are best treated with a mini-lift for maximum tightness and longevity or the result.

Comparison photos showing best candidate for weekend facelift

The above image show a candidate for the weekend lift on the left picture due to minor aging of the jowls and neck skin (blue arrows). The other two patients have aging changes that require larger types of facelift. Performing a small lift on these types of patients would not produce optimum changes and longevity.


Recovery from this procedure ranges from 7-10 days (not 7 days before your class reunion !). Most of our patients who have surgery on a Thursday will return to work on a week or so later.

For the small or weekend type facelift the incision is only in the front of the ear. This very conservative incision makes this a perfect procedure for the patient desiring minor to moderate correction without significant downtime. There are no incisions in the back of the ear or under the chin.

The weekend facelift can be performed as a sole procedure or in combination with other procedures such as eyelid or brow surgery, laser, or facial implants. Some patients pictured in the weekend facelift gallery have had the small facelift only and others have had other cosmetic facial procedures with the facelift.

The patients shown below had the “Weekend Facelift” Procedure.

Before and After photos of patient with blepharoplasty and cheek implant surgery at the same time as weekend lift
Before and After photos of patient with blepharoplasty and cheek implant surgery along with weekend facelift

The above patient also had blepharoplasty and cheek implant surgery at the same time as weekend lift.

healed facelift scar 8-weeks after weekend face lift

The picture above show the healed facelift scars 8 weeks after weekend facelift.