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Charity Involvement

An essay by Dr. Niamtu “Savor Every Kiss: What Father’s Day Means at Our House” Joe Niamtu, III Richmond Times Dispatch 6-20-10 Richmond ARC Dr. Niamtu and his wife April have 2 young children with cerebral palsy. Richmond ARC Infant Intervention has done much to assist his children and hundreds of other disabled children in […]

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Charitable Surgeries

Dr. Niamtu, his partners and his staff have an almost 30-year history of providing free surgical care to those in need. Since entering private practice, Dr. Niamtu has provided free surgical reconstruction to children from third world countries and from the United States. In addition he has orchestrated a continuum of care for these children […]

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The Word Retarded Should Be More Regarded

Although I generally write about cosmetic facial surgery, the purpose of having a blog is to discuss life.  Having said that, I am writing this piece on the casual and insensitive use of the word “retarded” in our culture. The recent release of the Ben Stiller movie “Tropic Thunder“has elucidated the casual use of the […]

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