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Can Cosmetic Surgery Get You a Job Promotion?



There is no more unreliable media than the cosmetic surgery media.  It is fueled by promises of miracle treatments that provide something for nothing.  As good as it sounds, it is a rare innovation that allows dramatic results with little or minimal treatment.  The only thing that I can even think of that comes close to that in the last 30 years is Botox.  It satisfies the definition of innovation.  Never before were patients able to get of wrinkles (albeit temporary) in a non surgical manner.

It is impossible to pick up a paper or magazine of to turn on the news and not hear about some new “miraculous” cosmetic treatment.  Unfortunately, most provide empty promises.  I ( as well as many other surgeons) have seen many come and go.  Thermage, which was all the rage several years ago has proved disappointing to the point where many docs are trying to unload their machines.  The Contour Thread Lift was another dud and the company is no longer in business.  Although there are many new minimally invasive lasers and light devices, I predict most of them will also fall by the wayside because they just don’t deliver dramatic enough results to warrant the cost of treatment.  I will admit that all of these technologies do provide some result, but not enough to satisfy the demanding patients in most surgical practices.  If a non surgical specialist can tighten the neck skin 5%, for $6,000 and some of their patients see tiny a result, they may be happy, but 100% of patients in my practice would want a refund for these minimal results.  My patients, like many other surgeons want to see a dramatic difference.  They realize they won’t get that without surgery and recovery; they are realists!

Back to the cosmetic media.  There has been a lot of news buzz lately about patients having cosmetic surgery to fare better in the work place.  A reporter called me the other day and was surprised to hear me say that I think that is a silly pretense.  Don’t get me wrong, I am obviously an advocate of cosmetic surgery and I will agree that all patients want to look younger.  I will also agree that younger, thinner, less bald and taller patients get more promotions.  That is just a fact of life.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to look younger.  If you have a big “turkey wattle” neck and you work with a bunch of 35 year olds, it makes sense to want to look younger.  However, to think that tightening ones neck or lopping off some eyelid skin will enable promotion or retention is rather ludicrous in my opinion.  Although cosmetic surgery can make a patient look younger, the best surgeon in the world cannot make a 68 year old patient look like a 45 year old.  Cosmetic surgery can make you look younger, but will it really make you look that much younger?

First of all, patients need to have the right motivation to have happiness after cosmetic surgery.  If they go through the recovery and expense of cosmetic surgery and do not move forward in their job, it will only serve to compound their unhappiness.  Sometimes we need to look at our inner beauty!  We are all going to get old, count on that.  Progress in the workplace is much more about attitude, team work, accountability and reliability.  If you really want to do advance in the workplace, a conscious effort to work harder that any other employee will go a lot further than geting your eyelids tucked.

I love performing cosmetic facial surgery, it is my passion and there is not better feeling for me than making patients look and feel better.  Sometimes my work may lead to a new relationship or a job promotion, but usually it simply leads to a patient with better confidence and self esteem.  I relate it to the way one feels when their car is dirty and how good you feel when you drive out of the car wash.  Cosmetic surgery patients feel like that for years.  Cosmetic surgery makes you look better, but can also make you feel better.

It is imperative to consider many aspects of ones life prior to making the decision to have cosmetic surgery.  Health, recovery and budget are important points, but the true underlying motivation is the most important factor and has much to do with the patent’s perception of success of the procedure.  Do it because you want to look better, be more confident and elevate your self esteem.  The relationships, jobs and modeling contracts may or may not follow.

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