Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Dr. Niamtu’s practice is 100% cosmetic facial surgery (he does not perform any other type of procedures) and that he only does faces. Since he only does faces, he does many more facelifts than the average cosmetic or plastic surgeon. He has performed over 1,000 face and neck lifts and considers this operation his signature procedure and life’s work.

Besides being a surgeon with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Niamtu is a teacher and educator. He lectures to surgeons from all specialties over 20 times per year and has taught on six continents. He has published hundreds of articles on cosmetic facial surgery and has published the second edition of his internationally popular textbook on cosmetic facial surgery and his new book “The Art & Science of Facelift Surgery”.

Men and minorities are the largest growing group of cosmetic surgery patients. Although more popular with females, men want to stay young and healthy too! As the attitudes of society change, men are living longer, working out, staying healthy and looking younger. Many men want to look younger to be competitive in relationships and in the workplace.


Although the procedures are basically the same for men and women, there are many small differences that must be appreciated by the cosmetic surgeon. For instance if the surgeon treats male eyelids in the same manner as female eyelids, the result will be a feminized look, which is unacceptable. These small subtleties carry over to every single operation, which means that men want a surgeon who understands these details.

The following pages on male cosmetic surgery are only a sampling of various procedures that are performed on men and women.  Please see the other pages on the subject that are on this site.  For instance, you can view male eyelid surgery below, but much more detailed information including pictures, and videos are available on the eyelid section of the main site.

The most popular cosmetic facial procedures for men are listed below.
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Facelifts for Men Eyelid Surgery for Men Facial Implants for Men Ear Surgery for Men Spider Vein Removal for Men
Mole Removal for Men Botox and Fillers for Men

Richmond Virginia in top 10 U.S. cities for cosmetic surgery?

Believe it or not, Richmond, Virginia was listed as one of the top 10 cities in the USA for cosmetic surgery.  Male cosmetic facial surgery being a big part of Dr. Niamtu’s practice makes him a contributor to this rating.  It also shows the growing popularity of cosmetic facial surgery for both men and women.

Our web site contains thousands of before and after images. These include images of cosmetic surgery in men on the various procedure pages. This page includes randomly selected male patients. To see other male before and after pictures, please consult the other pages on our site including Cosmetic Surgery for Men Gallery.