Our Surgery Center

Our number one goal has always been to offer exceptional patient care in a safe environment. We are pleased to have a state of the art outpatient surgical facility. Our surgery center is modeled after a hospital environment. We have the same type of sterilization, equipment, instruments, anesthesia machines, emergency devices and surgical standards as do the local hospitals.

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Full Accreditation

Our office is proud to be one of the few AAAHC certified surgery centers in the area for the past 20 years.  This certification is an extremely rigorous and expensive process and the facility must undergo scrutiny on all levels of patient care and safety.  The process is similar to having a “mini hospital” on premises.  Very little contemporary cosmetic surgery is performed in the hospital environment.  This produces a huge cost savings as well as ensures privacy.  Additionally patients don’t have the worry of being around sick hospital patients which can harbor infections, etc.  Dr. Niamtu and all  of our operating room nurses are ACLS certified and recertified every 2 years.

Dr. Niamtu shows some of the paperwork necessary for AAAHC accreditation, the process is extremely thorough to ensure maximum patient safety.

Our office has had full AAAHC certification for the past 12 years.  This certificate is a coveted item and is testimony for the dedication to safety of the  surgeon, staff and practice

has maintained Advanced Cardiac Life Support since 1980

Main Operating Suite   

Second Operating Suite

Post Anesthesia Recovery SuiteNursing Station

Nursing Station 

Central Sterilization

Types of Anesthesia

Numerous types of anesthesia are used for various cosmetic facial surgery procedures.  Some surgeries can be performed with local anesthesia or tumescent anesthesia.  Most surgical procedures (eyelids, facelift, browlift, laser, facial implants) are performed with general anesthesia.  This is the standard of care for most comprehensive cosmetic surgery cases and the safest type of anesthesia.  Due to our volume of surgery we have full time board certified anesthesia providers with decades of hospital and outpatient surgery experience.

After Surgery

We also offer private duty nursing after surgery if desired as well as experienced care givers that can provide supportive care for patients. These can stay at the hotel with the patient and assist them in care for several days following surgery including wound care, meals and transportation to our office. Payment for these services are between the patient and the nurse or caregiver.  Since a large portion of our patients come from out of state or out of the country, this is a popular option.

Technologically Patient Safety

Many offices perform surgery with anesthesia but do not have anesthesia machines, vital emergency medications, back up power sources and trained staff. If you are considering having cosmetic facial surgery in an office surgery center environment, these are important questions to ask. We are proud to offer our patients the latest advances in patient safety and monitoring.

We use certified anesthesia equipment, emergency medications and devices and back up power sources.  Some offices take big short cuts with this type of safety, we do not.

Dr. Niamtu has published a 1,000 page comprehensive textbook on cosmetic facial surgery which includes a large chapter on accredited office surgery centers and also cosmetic surgery anesthesia.  Few surgeons receive the honor to publish such a text with a major medical publisher like Elsevier.