Mole Removal for Men

The average person has numerous moles on their body. Although most moles are benign, they can be malignant and Dr. Niamtu recommends that all patients see their dermatologists yearly for a full body mole check. Most moles are removed for purely cosmetic reasons and can be treated with minimal and sometimes no scar. It is very common for Dr. Niamtu to see a patient with a mole who was told by other doctors not to remove it as the scar would be worse than the mole. We have treated hundreds of patients who were told this and they were elated with the treatment and said that they did not do it years earlier.

How can you tell is a mole is malignant?

It is impossible to look at a mole and tell if it is malignant and Dr. Niamtu recommends biopsy of any mole removed. The biopsy is frequently covered by insurance.

How is the mole removed?

Dr. Niamtu almost exclusively treats moles and related lesions with 4.0 MHz radiowave surgery. He is considered an international expert in this treatment and has published articles and textbook chapters on his technique and has lectured around the world on this treatment. A large percentage of mole patients come from out of state or out of the country for treatment by Dr. Niamtu. Radiowave surgery is used to melt the mole away layer by layer. The mole is first numbed with local anesthesia and the treatment takes several minutes and is painless.

What is the recovery for mole removal?

When the mole is removed it will leave a small burn the size of the original lesion or slightly larger. The initial treatment is simple, the area is kept moist with Vaseline® or Neosporin®. Over 5-7 days the area will become smooth and pink and over the next 6-8 weeks will fully heal. About 95% of treated moles will heal with minor and sometimes indistinguishable scarring. A small percentage of moles may require a secondary touch up procedure.

Before and after mole removal, photos of male patient Before and after mole removal, photos of male patient
Before and after mole removal, photos of male patient Before and after mole removal, photos of male patient


Please see our mole removal gallery to see some of the dramatic before and after pictures of the thousands of moles Dr. Niamtu has treated.