Surgery Instructions 

The POST OP VIDEOS shown below expand on the instructions and of great value to patients and caregivers since they can be viewed 24/7 read all of the forms pertaining to your surgery BEFORE your surgery and write down any questions or concerns.  

We formerly posted consent forms on this page, but we will send updated consent forms to all patients after they schedule their surgery.

After Surgery

The importance of choosing right caregiver after surgery

Some of the most important information you will need!

Post Operative Instructions and Videos. The following videos describe the immediate after care for common procedures.  More detailed instructions are shown below on this page.

You can make a difference in the ease of your recovery and your surgical result by doing certain things and not doing certain things.  The videos below will help you stay safe and contribute to your maximum result.

1. Guide to Your Post Op Medications

2. Eyelid Surgery Post Op Instructions

3. Laser Skin Resurfacing Post Op Instructions

4. Facelift Surgery Post Op Instructions

Please note that Dr. Niamtu does not routinely use drains on his facelift patients.  If a patient does require a post surgical drain (which is the exception, not the rule) the video below shows how to care for the drain.  This video can be disregarded for the average patient and can be viewed in the event a drain is used.

5. The 10 Most Common Complaints During Facelift Recovery

6. Dealing with Nausea & Vomiting

7. Exercise and cosmetic facial surgery recovery


9. Post Laser Care Instructions Part 2

Post Surgery Written Instructions

The following instructions are more detailed than the videos above.  Please call our office with any questions.

The following are post surgery instructions for some of our most common surgical procedures, if  your procedure is not listed here, please contact the office.

Safe Medication Disposal

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The Psychology of Cosmetic Facial Surgery, how we feel after our procedure