Face Lift Incisions & Scars

The facelift incision is carefully planned to be hidden in the ear canal, behind the ear and in the hairline. When properly placed the incisions are almost imperceptible in most patients. No hair is required to be shaved and this is a common misconception. The incisions are closed with very fine sutures that will dissolve by themselves. The incision in the hairline behind the ear is usually closed with small surgical staples as these are more gentle to the hair follicles than sutures.

A lot of surgery goes on during a facelift procedure, but all the patient (and others around them) ever see are the incision scars.  Scars are the signature of the surgeon and talented facelift surgeons are known for their minimal scarring.  Aesthetic scars, natural hairlines and normal earlobe position are signs of a good facelift surgeon.

The Picture below show the standard facelift incisions in front of and behind the ear.

The images below show before and after pictures of typical facelift incisions performed by Dr. Niamtu


The above patient is shown 90 days after facelift with the hidden and healed incisions.

facelift scars

The above picture shows incisions on a female patient 8 weeks after facelift.