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Cheek and tear trough filler have become one of our most popular procedures.  Although cheek implants are a permanent option, many patients want a non surgical treatment.  As the videos below illustrate, cheek enhancement is one of the most overlooked cosmetic procedures.  A small amount of filler in the cheeks can make a huge difference in making female and male patients look younger.  This is a painless, simple, ten minute procedure that has major results with virtually no recovery.  Contact our office for a comprehensive consultation for facial filler injection.

Filler Augmentation of Cheeks

This patient presented with severe facial fat loss and was treated with cheek implants and also injectable fillers in the cheek region.


Cheek Fillers and Augmentation with Voluma

Dr. Niamtu discusses Voluma the only FDA approved filler specifically for cheek augmentation.
Dr. Niamtu discusses midface filler augmentation including cheek and teartrough
Part 1 discusses midfacial and teartrough aging
Part 2 shows actual midface and teartrough injection (shows actual injection which may be offensive to some viewers)

Surgical Lower Eyelid & Cheek (Midface) Treatment

Some patients have aging situations that can be treated without surgery.  Masquerading lower lid fat bags by filling the depression with injectable filler and simultaneously plumping the cheek is a small 10 minute procedure that can make a huge difference in looking younger.  The recovery is minimal and your friends wonder if you are getting more sleep!  This video shows actual injection so viewer discretion is recommended.

The patient below is shown before, immediately and one week after filler injection to the cheeks.

The patient below is shown before and after filler augmentation to the cheeks and teartrough


The patient below is shown before and after 3 syringes of filler to the cheeks by Dr. Niamtu.  This natural cheek lift takes 15 minutes, lasts about a year and is reversible if desired.

The Patient below is shown before and after Voluma injection to the cheeks.

Filler Augmentation of Nasolabial Folds (smile lines)

How can you predict what your smile lines may look like with filler?

Fillers won’t make the smile lines (nasolabial folds) disappear, but will improve the appearance of the lines and folds. To get an idea of what to expect when injecting the folds with a filler, place your index finger above the fold and press on the skin. This will cause the fold to plump out, similar to what the filler does. Younger patients may only need a single syringe of filler for both folds, but patients with deeper folds will more than likely require a syringe for each fold. The biggest problem with nasolabial folds is under treatment or not using enough filler. A patient is better off saving up for two syringes than under treating the folds with a single syringe.

Filler injection of the nasolabial fold (smile line).


Before and immediately after filler injection.

The patients above are shown before and after filler injection to the smile lines (nasolabial folds).

Filler Rhinoplasty (filling the nasal region)

Filler rhinoplasty is one of the areas that has become popular with contemporary fillers.  Although this is not a surgical nose job (rhinoplasty), it can be used to camouflage nasal humps and fill defects, as well as balance nasal deformities.  Nasal hump improvement is performed by injecting filler above and below the hump to make a continuous contour.  Depressions and asymmetries are filled to plump the various regions.

The images below show examples of “filler rhinoplasty”.

This Asian patient shown below was treated with filler to improve her nasal tip and nasal bridge




Another Asian patient is shown below, treated with fillers to the nasal bridge to enhance her profile

Filler “rhinoplasty” to masquerade a nasal hump

Untitled - 10

The video below shows Dr. Niamtu Featured on ABC discussing filler rhinoplasty