Deep Plane Facelift

A Deep Plane Face Lift (as the name says) indicates that part of the procedure is performed at a deeper level than conventional facelifts. Most experienced facelift and neck lift surgeons perform this procedure on appropriate patients. Dr. Niamtu will perform this Comprehensive Face and Neck Lift with SMASectomy or with his hybrid procedure “Modified Deep Plane SMASectomy” technique that provides the best of both worlds by treating the SMAS with excision and deep plane dissection.

Although a deep plane technique is a common technique it is generally not for inexperienced surgeons as the dissection is much closer to the facial nerve branches than other common facelift techniques which can lead to a higher incidence of nerve damage.

Deep plane facelift has received a lot of attention with social media and although it is a viable technique, it is by no means the “only way” to perform a safe and natural facelift. Some surgeons provide are more marketing than actual information. The truth is that there are many types of safe and effective face and neck lift techniques. Safety and success has more to do with the surgeon than the “technique”. After performing over 1,400 facelifts myself as well as interacting and observing facelift surgeons all over the world I can accurately say that a well done lift done by an experienced surgeon is the best technique. The can be a SMAS plication, SMASectomy, Modified Deep Plane or Deep Plane lift. The most important things about facelift surgery are patient safety and natural outcome. Any of these aforementioned techniques can produce an excellent lift that looks natural with great longevity. Patients should be suspect of any doctor that says that his or her technique is the only safe or predictable one. I will repeat it again, “a well done facelift performed by an experienced surgeon can be one of numerous techniques”. There is no evidence that any single technique is significantly more effective than another. Patients should seek safe and experienced surgeons who can provide many examples of their work. My advice to indecisive patients is “Worry more about the surgeon and less about the technique”.
The above images show Dr. Niamtu performing a deep plane facelift dissection. In this technique the SMAS layer is undermined and mobilized.

The above images show the subSMAS deep plane facelift layer undermined and ready to be trimmed and tightened.

Click there to View Dr. Niamtu’s video explaining deep plane face and neck lift