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Love that Face by Dr. Niamtu

We are pleased to profile patients from everyday walks of life; normal people who wanted to look and feel better and here are some of their stories.

Makeover #7

Name: Barbara Dean
Age: 64
Procedures Performed:

  • Comprehensive facelift
  • Lower eyelid tuck
  • Lower lid laser skin resurfacing

Family: A wonderful, supportive husband of 18 years, one step-daughter and two step-grandsons

Occupation: Entrepreneur, producing and marketing Marigold Body Oil, an all natural herbal pain relief product.

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, and interior design.

Why you wanted to have cosmetic surgery: It was always my plan to have plastic surgery. Even as a young woman in my 20’s, I remember thinking that when I reached 50 I would have a facelift. Time does fly, though, and before I knew it I was in my 60’s, looking in the mirror and thinking, I need to get on with the program!

Why did you choose Dr. Niamtu: I was referred to Dr. Niamtu by a very nice doctor in my hometown of Roanoke who had received training under Dr. Niamtu and spoke very highly of him. When I met Dr. Niamtu, I felt very sure and confident that he was the right doctor.

What were you hoping to achieve with the surgery: I simply wanted to look in the mirror and feel good about my neck and jaw line.

How did you like the results:  I am extremely pleased with the results.

What advice would you give other women considering cosmetic facial surgery: If you want to have cosmetic surgery, you will likely have no regrets if you do it, but may have many, many regrets if you don’t!

Any special thoughts on your experience: I should have done it sooner.

Comments from Dr. Niamtu: Barbara was a bit nervous when we first talked and she wanted to be conservative. Our goal was to construct a surgical plan that was consistent with her desires but effective enough to give her a natural result. I think we both won! I am so pleased when I see Barbara’s before and after pictures, but more pleased when I see her smile and the new twinkle in her eye. That is the best thank you for a cosmetic surgeon.

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Featured Makeover #8

Patient: Linda Stransky
Age: 63

See video below to hear Linda in her own words

Procedures Performed:

  • Face lift
  • Upper and lower lid tuck (blepharoplasty)

Family: I have a wonderful husband to whom I have been married for 36 years. Our daughter is married and lives on the north side. Her children at the moment are a cat and dog. Our son is a specialist in the Army/Airborne stationed in Afghanistan who will be married in January. He will then be stationed in Italy close to Venice.

Occupation: School teacher/retired

Hobbies: Travelling; bridge; reading; trying out different restaurants

Why you wanted to have cosmetic surgery:  I never really considered it until I retired in 2009. I noticed the down-turned lines around my mouth (thanks, Mom). Also my eyelids were “tired” and puffy looking.  I was satisfied with my forehead and chin and did not want to go through the resurfacing.

Why did you choose Dr. Niamtu:  I wanted someone who only does faces and his reputation is outstanding. I made an appointment and felt comfortable around him and his wonderful staff, Then I took my husband with me to make him feel as confident as I did.

What were you hoping to achieve with the surgery: I wanted to look refreshed without the saggy, baggy neck and mouth lines. I did not want to look like a barbie or Joan Rivers, I have told only a few close friends and my family. When I have run into an acquaintance, she has said something like “Oh, you got new glasses. I like them.” (Just the effect I wanted!)

How did you like the results:  Thrilled. Pleased. Confident. So glad I did it.
What advice would you give other women considering cosmetic facial surgery: Go see Dr. Joe and his support team, Look at his website and GO FOR IT.

Any special thoughts on your experience: I was sure he was the one who would listen to me and make me look newly refreshed and 63 young. I even told him a story how at a car wash when I asked for the senior discount, the sweet young thing said, “I’m sorry but you have to be over 55 to get the discount!”She was very surprised when I showed her my driver’s license.

Comments from Dr. Niamtu: This is what keeps me going.  I love patients with a young will, positive attitude and endless energy.  I love this job, retirement for me is out of the question, it just keeps getting better and better and patients like Linda are the reason.



Featured Makeover #9

Name: Brenda Michaels
Age: 61
Procedures Performed:

  • Facelift
  • Upper and lower eyelid surgery

See a video of Brenda Discussing her Surgery


I am a recent widow.  I have two sons and two beautiful daughter-in-laws, and three adorable grandchildren, ages three, five, and seven.


Self employed- buying and selling plastic raw materials.


 I enjoy hiking, gardening, reading and playing my piano.

Why you wanted to have cosmetic surgery:

I had wanted a facelift for a number of years as time continued to take a toll on my neck and face.  For me, my neck was the deciding factor in my decision to have a facelift.

Why did you choose Dr. Niamtu:

 When I found Dr. Niamtu‘s website, I was most impressed with the amount of information that was given about cosmetic facial procedures and I just knew that he was the doctor that I wanted to perform my facelift.   

What were you hoping to achieve with the surgery:  

I wanted to achieve a more youthful looking face and neck and Dr. Niamtu gave me that.

How did you like the results:  

I am most pleased with my facelift. 

What advice would you give other women considering cosmetic facial surgery:

  Several of my friends have told me that they wouldn’t want to spend the money for cosmetic surgery or put themselves through the surgery and recovery.  Certainly having cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision, but for me the results were worth it all.  I “love my face” and for any woman considering cosmetic facial surgery I would say “Go for It!”

Any special thoughts on your experience:

I feel that I was blessed to have found Dr. Niamtu and to have him perform my surgery. 

Comments from Dr. Niamtu:

I think I have the greatest patients in the world and feel very lucky to do what I do for a living.  It just keeps getting better!



Featured Makeover #10

Name: Janice S

Procedures Performed:

  • Mini Facelift with Platysmaplasty
  • Cheek Implants
  • Lower Lid CO2 Laser
  • Filler to Upper Lip




Currently I am working for a small computer software company based in Richmond. I had previously worked in Healthcare as a Manager for 15 years.  I then went back to school for computer programming and relocated to Richmond from Pittsburgh, Pa.


I have been riding horses for over 20+ years.  I sold my last horse 5 years ago and now I am leasing a thoroughbred gelding out in Goochland.  I do mostly trail riding, some arena and jumping. I also love to watch spectator sports on TV  mostly Tennis and Football.  I workout at a local gym to stay in shape.


For a long time I talked about getting a facelift when the time came.  Well about 2 years ago my face just really aged and I knew the time was coming to get the surgery.  I have always been very hard on myself and I could not stand looking in the mirror anymore.  When I looked in the mirror all I could see was my sagging jowls and neckline.


I had decided I would research facelifts for awhile and get a few initial consultations from several Drs.  Dr. Niamuti had the most comprehensive website I have ever seen regarding cosmetic surgery.  It explained everything and I liked the fact that Dr. Niamtu only deals with the face and nothing else. I realized he was use to doing a lot of these types of surgeries.  So when I met him, I just liked him right away and felt very comfortable and trusted his ability to give me the results I was hoping for.  It t was a no brainer after that.  I scheduled the surgery after I thought about it for 2 days. 


I was hoping to get rid of the sagging jowls and the loose neck and plump up my cheekbones.  I have a very thin face which is fine when you are young, but as you age it can be a curse because you look so gaunt all the time.


I absolutely am thrilled with my results..3 weeks in I went to my friends for Thanksgiving and she could not believe how good I looked – and I still had a long road ahead of me.  No more saggy neck or jowls and the cheek implants gave me more of a plumper looking face instead of that long thin face I had.


My advice is do your homework about whatever surgery you want an read and totally comprehend what to expect from the surgery.  It will take time to heal and you need to be patient and realize this is major surgery and things take time to feel normal again.  I never felt pain, but I felt discomfort from the surgery. It is a differently feeling, but when you look in the mirror it is all worth it!


My thought is I am glad I finally did it and didn’t put it off any longer.  It will definitely boost your self-esteem and just give you more of a good feeling about yourself. I feel like I got my mojo back !


It is patients like Janice that make me excited about enhancing patients looks and lives.  Janice is a true success story but I have to admit, I had a lot to work with!  She is a wonderful person with a great personality and passion for life.  I am honored to have been her surgeon!

Featured Case #11

Name: Frances Parrish

Family: Married to a wonderful Husband for 47 years,we have 4 children,5 grand kids and 3 great grand children.

Age: 63

Occupation: Home maker, care giver to a son who had a open head injury on a construction job in 1985, The injury left him totally disabled, My Husband and I take care of all his needs..24 x 7

Hobbies: Cake decorating, sewing, and a little computing.. don’t have time for a lot of hobbies.

Procedures Performed: 

  • Comprehensive facelift
  • Upper and lower Blepharoplasty
  • Full face CO2 laser
  •  Filler around mouth and lips.

Why did you have Cosmetic Surgery?:  After many years of caring for my family,I wanted a little something for “me”  I have always taken pride in my appearance  and have always tried to look my best, but we all know what the process of aging does to  a person,I don’t mind being 63 But I wanted to look fresh and not tired and wore out..

Why Did You Choose Dr. Niamtu?: I had heard of his reputation, did my research and consulted with him.

What were you hoping to achieve with the surgery?:  I hoped  it would make me feel more confident and definitely take some of the aging off of my face.

How Do You Like Your Result? I absolutely love the results, I am very pleased.

What advice would you give other women considering cosmetic facial surgery? Ladies treat yourself, I look back over the last few months of recovery time and ask myself would I do it again? Was it worth it?  Yes Most Definitely!

Any special thoughts on your experience? really

Comments from Dr. Niamtu:  Francis exemplifies the type of patients that make my work so rewarding.  She has the weight of the world on her, caring for her brain injured son, but is as upbeat and pleasant as anyone I have met.  It was our pleasure.

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