Spider Vein Removal for Men

Facial spider veins (telangiectasias) are common lesions that appear on the cheeks and nose on many patients.  Heredity can also predispose patients to having spider veins.  These “road map” veins are harmless but unsightly.  In the past treatment was difficult, but new vascular lasers have simplified the treatment to a several minute lunchtime procedure with no recovery time.  Some patients have very fine hairlike veins while other patients have extremely large red and blue veins.  Spider veins can also be part of rosacea.

How are spider veins treated?

Dr. Niamtu has two powerful vascular lasers (532 nm and 940 nm) that erases red and blue spider veins in seconds.  This is performed in the treatment suites in Dr. Niamtu’s office and only takes several minutes.  This is usually done without any anesthesia but sometimes topical or local anesthesia is used.  I cases of very large or multiple veins, Dr. Niamtu may elect to use IV sedation and treat all the veins at one time.

What is the recovery for spider vein removal?

This is usually a “lunchtime” procedure and there is not true recovery.  Most patients will experience pinkness in the treated regions.  On rare occasions the skin can blister.  Sun exposure must be limited before or immediately after treatment.

Is this treatment permanent?

Some patients receive a permanent result from a single treatment while others may need multiple treatments. Patients with recurring veins may require yearly treatments.

The following pictures are selected cases of spider vein removal.  See our spider vein gallery for many more before and after pictures.

Before and after spider vein removalBefore and after spider vein removal
Before and after spider vein removalBefore and after spider vein removal