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Dr. Niamtu’s Online Library contains some of the many publications he has authored. Please keep in mind that some of these articles are older and the information may be at this point historical. Some articles that were published a decade ago may have the same topic as articles that have been published more recently. An example is the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery BOTOX® Cosmetic articles. The first article published ten years ago is obviously outdated as compared to the one published in 2003. Times change, techniques change and technologies change. Other articles such as the popularly downloaded Cosmetic Dermatology Facial Anesthetic Block Technique articles are more anatomic oriented and will always be relevant.

These articles may be simply viewed online or they can be downloaded to your own computer. To download an article, select the SAVE A COPY button from the Adobe Menu Bar and simply download to your own computer.

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