Facial Implants for Men

This page outlines brief descriptions of facial implants.  Please refer to the main facial implant page for a much more detailed explanation.

What are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are made from medical grade silicone rubber.  This material has been used in the body for over a half century and is very biocompatible.  Facial implants have many applications in the face and are most commonly placed in the cheeks, chin and jawline.

How is the procedure performed?

Cheek, chin and jaw implants are placed through small incisions in the mouth. Temple implants are placed through incisions in the hairline.  The procedure for implant placement is done in the office surgery center with IV anesthesia and generally takes about an hour or less.

What is the recovery Period for facial implants?

Healing for most facial implants is 7-10 days.  Patients are asked to refrain from bending or lifting and may resume full physical activity in several weeks.

Are facial implants permanent?

Facial implants are secured with a titanium microscrew that keeps them from moving.  Since they are fixated to the facial bones they cannot move or sag with age (like fat or fillers) and hence are permanent.  They can, however, be removed or replaced at any time if the patient desires.

Facial implants are one of the most powerful options for facial rejuvenation.  Common facial implants include:

  • Cheek Implants
  • Chin Implants
  • Mandibular Angle (Jaw) implants
  • Temple Implants

Cheek implants are used to restore youthful volume to the cheeks and midface.  This can also be done with injectable fillers, but that is a temporary treatment and must be repeated year after year.  Cheek implants are a one-time procedure and they can last a lifetime.  In addition, they are reversible and can be removed, replaced or resized if necessary.  The cheek implant procedure is performed with IV sedation and takes about 40 minutes.  The recovery is 7-10 days.  Please see the main cheek implant page on this site for more detailed information.

this patient shows severe upper and lower lid aging
this patient shows severe upper and lower lid aging
this patient shows severe upper and lower lid aging

Chin implants are a simple means of profile enhancement for patients with a recessive jaw. Men look and feel more masculine with normal profile while a recessive chin is more of a feminine trait. Chin implant placement takes about 30 minutes with IV sedation and the recovery is about one week. Chin implants are often placed with other surgeries such as facelift, but can be placed as an isolated procedure with the scar hidden inside the lower lip.  Please visit the main chin implant and chin surgery page on this site.

Before and after chin implants
Before and after chin implants
Before and after chin implants

Manibular Angle implants are used to provide a more angular jawline for patients that have do not have normal jawline definition.  These implants are placed through incisions inside the mouth.  The surgery takes about and hour and the recovery is 1-2 weeks.

Temple Implants are the newest type of facial implant and are used to fill the temporal hollow that appears with aging in some patients.  The surgery takes about 45 minutes with IV anesthesia and the recovery is 7-10 days.

illustration showing placement of temple implants
showing area of temple implants on patient

Please visit our cheek implant gallery and chin implant gallery to view hundreds of before and after pictures of various facial implants.