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Name: Amy Joe Fischer


Before and After Incisions


Family: Married with two sons in college 

Occupation: Pediatric dental assistant 

Hobbies: Reading and shopping 

 Procedures performed:  Comprehensive face and neck lift.

Why did you have cosmetic surgery?:  To restore my self esteem. 

 What were you hoping to achieve with the surgery?  To improve my double chin, neck and jowls.

How did you hear about Dr. Niamtu?: Saw an ad on TV and spoke to some local doctors who highly recommended him.

How do you like your result?: I am very pleased 

What advice would you give other women considering cosmetic facial surgery?: Go for it you won’t be disappointed but go with Dr Niamtu ?

 Any special thoughts on your experience?:  Everyone was very nice and professional and don’t rush your recovery. 

“I Love My Facelift”

This patient underwent comprehensive facelift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, endoscopic brow and forehead lift and full face laser. The interview discusses why she had surgery, her recovery and  how the results have changed her life.  Her before and after pictures are reviewed in the video.





Name: Cecily Hardy

Family: My dear husband and 2 lovely daughters.

Age: 64

Occupation: Computer Analyst

Hobbies: I love to travel! I have a lot of energy and am very active, always on the go! I love walking, hiking, boating, bird watching, fishing, camping, canoeing, music concerts.

Procedures Performed: Face Lift with chin implant.

Why did you have Cosmetic Surgery? I knew I wanted to have a face lift one day because I inherited that awful turkey neck from both sides of my family. As I got older, I didn’t look like the real me; but, now I do once again!

Why Did You Choose Dr. Niamtu? Years ago I heard about Dr Joe Niamtu and his outstanding skill and dedication to his work and his wonderful dedicated staff. He has a wonderful family and such a big heart as evidenced by his pro bono surgeries and other charitable work he and his wife pursue.

What were you hoping to achieve with the surgery? Last year I began bio-identical hormone replacement which inspired me to focus on my health and to take better care of myself. The surgery was a logical part of that process.

How Do You Like Your Result? I am very pleased indeed! I quickly became used to the new improved me, looking like I used to look and so when I saw the before and after pictures I was really amazed and even more certain that I had made a very good decision to do this now!

What advice would you give other women considering cosmetic facial surgery? Do your research! Look at the before and after pictures on Dr. Niamtu’s website, read all the information you find there, it is all very helpful. I followed the pre-op and post-op instructions very carefully. The staff is wonderful and very helpful and attentive and will be compassionate and sensitive to your need for privacy when the time comes! I can’t say enough about how they and Dr Joe went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and assured.

Any special thoughts on your experience?

Comments from Dr. Niamtu: Cecily represents how much I enjoy what I do.  It is just so great to meet wonderful people and make them feel better about themselves.  I love going to work!



Name: Brenda Hernandez

Family:  Husband Chico and 3 children.  Two boys who live out of state and 1 girl who is local.  Six grandchildren ranging in age from 3 months to 16 years old.

Age: 66

Occupation: Retired

Hobbies: Playing with her Yorkie pup.  Having a great laugh

Procedures Performed:  Comprehensive face lift with chin implant.

Why did you have Cosmetic Surgery?

The reason I wanted cosmetic surgery is because I had bariatric surgery and I had lose skin which made me look old and affected my self confidence.  I wanted it gone.

Why Did You Choose Dr. Niamtu?

After searching a myriad of cosmetic surgeons, I chose Dr. Niamtu because he and his staff answered all my questions in depth and to my satisfaction.  Also, he specializes in faces and necks and that was important to me.  All he does is cosmetic facial surgery.  A lot of doctors do some cosmetic surgery, but only a few limit their practice to only cosmetic surgery.  I wanted someone that did cosmetic facial surgery and nothing else.  They have the most cosmetic experience.

Dr. Niamtu and his staff were always available for me, before, during and after my surgery to answer any questions.  He really made me feel like a special patient.

What were you hoping to achieve with the surgery?

I lost my weigh. I wanted to lose my skin. I wanted my life back.  I was hoping to end the years I spent looking in the mirror and not feeling good about myself.

How Do You Like Your Result?

I am overjoyed with the results.  I look and feel like a new person.

What advice would you give other women considering cosmetic facial surgery?

Anyone considering this type of procedure should move ahead and not look back.  Above all, do it for yourself.  The results clearly outweigh any indecision on your part.

Any special thoughts on your experience?

People ask me if I would have it done again; a big resounding YES!

Comments from Dr. Niamtu:

Cosmetic facial surgery after weight loss surgery is becoming more and more common.  All of these patients do their face and neck first as that is the only part of the body that can’t be hidden.  These patients have put a lot of time, money and energy into getting rid of the excess weight and are very motivated to get rid of the skin.  Brenda and her husband have been excellent and fun patients.

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