Facelifts for Men

Dr. Niamtu’s practice is 100% cosmetic facial surgery (he does no other type of procedures) and that he only does faces. Due to this combination, he does many times more facelifts that the average cosmetic or plastic surgeon. He has performed over 1,600 face and neck lifts and considers this operation his signature procedure and life’s work.  He has won “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” 33 times.

Besides being a surgeon with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Niamtu is a teacher and educator. He lectures to surgeons from all specialties over 20 times per year and has taught on six continents. He has published hundreds of articles on cosmetic facial surgery and 7 major textbooks.

The above image shows some of Dr. Niamtu’s recent textbooks.  His books have also been translated into Spanish and Chinese D

Deep Plane Face and neck lift is one of the most common procedures requested by males. As men enter their 5th decade the increase in skin laxity coupled with sun damage and birthdays produces excess neck and jowl skin. This produces the “turkey gobbler” appearance that we all hate. The facelift procedure takes about 2-3 hours and the recovery is about 2 weeks. Dr. Niamtu performs facelift surgery without shortcuts. Many surgeons omit important steps during facelift surgery in an effort to shave off a few days of recovery. These “mini” or “miracle” procedures do not provide the same results or longevity of traditional facelift surgery. Trust your face in the hands of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Niamtu.

The patient below underwent Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift.


excess neck skin and jowling corrected with facelift

Excess neck skin and jowling are aging traits that make us look older and tired. The only way to truly correct this skin excess is with a facelift

typical male facelift incision at one week

The above picture is a typical male facelift incision at one week and the picture below
shows a male facelift incision before surgery and 6 weeks after surgery

male facelift incision before surgery and 6 weeks after surgery

Who is a candidate for Facelift Surgery?

Although most males seek facelift consultation in their fifth and sixth decade, some patients have hereditary factors that require earlier surgery. On the other end of the spectrum, since patients are living longer, as long as the patient is healthy it is not uncommon do perform facelift surgery in the seventh and eight decade. The best time to have facelift surgery is when it bothers the patient and he wants to look younger. Facelift patients must be healthy enough to undergo surgery and anesthesia and not be on any medications that thin the blood or increase bleeding.

How is a Facelift Performed?

Facelift surgery is performed with IV anesthesia in our fully accredited outpatient surgery center. The surgery takes about 2.5 hours and the patient is released to their home later in the day. Dr. Niamtu takes great pride in his surgical incisions and scars and crafts them to provide the most hidden and natural appearing scars. It is important to have an experienced surgeon to avoid unnatural scars, changes in hair and beard and unnatural “wind blown” appearance.

What is the Recovery for Facelift Surgery?

The average recovery for facelift surgery is about 2 weeks. This may be slightly shorter for some patients and slightly longer for others. If patients are anticipating special event such as weddings or class reunions, Dr. Niamtu recommends having surgery 4-6 weeks previous. Patients that work from home can usually resume work after a week.

The following cases are selected facelift procedures on males. Some of these patients also had other procedures at the time of their facelift such as eyelid surgery, laser or facial implants.  For more pictures visit our male cosmetic surgery gallery.

Selected Cases of Facelifts for Men

Set One
Set Two
Set Three
Set Four
Set Five

Men are different than women

Duh! that sounds a little obvious, but in facelift surgery there are some very important differences in the way surgery is performed. It is important for the surgeon to understand these subtle differences and avoid feminization of male patients. Some of these important differences include:

  • Incision considerations
  • Hair considerations
  • Beard considerations
  • Earlobe considerations
  • Unnatural (windblown) look

Face and neck lift incisions must be positioned in natural creases to avoid a visible scar. Careful attention must be paid to precision incisions in the sideburn region as not to change the natural appearance of the sideburns and hairline. Improper management of facelift skin and beard can pull hair bearing skin onto area of the face and ear that look unnatural and are difficult to shave. Finally, it is important to create a natural pull of the skin to avoid the windblown look that you seem to see so commonly on celebrities.

Additional Selected Male Facelift Cases

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