Deep FX Resurfacing

Deep FX CO2 Ultrapulse laser resurfacing is a new technology designed to treat wrinkles, sun damage and scars with reduced recovery time. This technology like Fraxel and Active FX laser treatments treats the skin with microscopic laser pulses that produce a “polka dot” pattern. Unlike non fractional lasers the entire skin surface is not lasered. This laser produces micro columns of treated tissue surrounded by small areas of untreated skin.

Due to this, the face heals faster. Unlike traditional CO2 laser laser resurfacing, the Deep FX treatment does not cause a wet (weepy) skin surface, but rather heals with a dry bronze surface. This recovery is generally faster and easier than previous laser treatments.

The main reason that differentiates the Deep FX treatment from other laser treatments is the depth of penetration of the laser. This laser is designed to penetrate the skin to greater depths than previous lasers which improves the result.One other difference is that the deeper treatment stimulates the collagen and the final result may not be completed until 90 days after the procedure.

The video below shows Dr. Niamtu treating acne scarring with DeepFX and Active FX laser resurfacing.

The video below shows Dr. Niamtu treating a neck scar with the Deep FX fractional laser.

The patient above underwent Deep FX and CO2 laser  treatment for acne scars

Call Dr. Niamtu for a comprehensive consultation if you feel the new technology is an option for you.