Birthmarks Treated with Vascular Laser

lgBirthmarks are a generalized term for congenital lesions that are frequently related to abnormalities with normal blood vessels. Some birthmarks are not related to blood vessels, but rather abnormal pigmentation. Many vascular or pigmented lesions respond to laser treatment. Dr. Niamtu treats many of these lesions with various laser wavelengths. In addition to birthmarks, acquired vascular and pigmented lesions are those that arise later in life and can frequently be treated in the same manner. These include hemangiomas, venous lakes, cherry angiomas, moles, and pigmented patches.

This video shows Dr. Niamtu treating the patient pictured above

Miscellaneous Vascular Lesions

This patient was treated in two appointments with the Iridex 940 laser.  Although another treatment will totally eliminate the birth mark, she is happy with the improvement at this point as she was teased about it all her life.

Venous lakes, lip varicose veins, lip hemangiomas

The following letter and image are from a patient in the Washington, DC area.

The patient is shown before, immediately after and one month after treatment.

Cherry angiomas are benign red dots that contain blood vessels. Many people have a few and some patients may have hundreds. These lesions are easily treated in seconds with no recovery with the Iridex 940 laser. The patient below was is shown before and immediately after treatment. No anesthesia is required.

Some hemangiomas are too large to be treated with laser and require surgical treatment.  The child below was treated by Dr. Niamtu by surgical removal.


The images below show various blood vessel birthmarks treated with the Iridex laser