Filling Facial Depressions, Dents and Acne Scars

Injectable fillers can be very versatile for filling aging defects on the face and neck.  Many patients have jowls and in reality need a facelift, but may not be able to undergo a procedure for various reasons.

Many of these patients can benefit from filling the hollow regions around the jowl (pre jowl sulcus) which improves the appearance of the jowls at the border of the jaw.  The image below shows a patient that had one syringe of filler injected in the pre jowl sulcus before and after treatment.  Note the improvement of the appearance of the jowls.

Filler to the Jowl Region

The jowls are tissue bulges at the jawline that form with aging.  Facelift is the ultimate treatment for moderate to severe jowling, but some patients are candidates for filler injection.  Injecting filler in the jowls does not correct the problem, but rather fills the space between the chin and the jowls.  This camouflages the indentation giving the jawline a more continuous contour instead of the depression between the chin and jowls.

The Video below shows Dr. Niamtu demonstrating filler injection to the jowl Region.

The video below shows Dr. Niamtu injecting silicone (Silikon 1000) into a deep scar in the chin.

Although chin implants are a more popular option, filler can be used to augment the chin for those patients that prefer a non-surgical treatment.  The video below shows Dr. Niamtu augmenting a chin with injectable filler.

Filler of the Mandibular Angle Regions

Some patients desire augmentation of the lateral jaw to provide more volume, outline and definition.  Options include mandibular angle implants and injectable fillers.  This procedure takes about 10 minutes and is totally reversible if the patient is not happy with the result.  The video below shows Dr. Niamtu injecting a male patient to provide more definition of this region.

The picture below shows a patient after filler injection to the mandibular angle region to give a youthful, angular and full appearance to the jaw.

Dr. Niamtu also performs mandibular angle implants which is a permanent solution to lateral jaw augmentation

Filler to the Mentolabial Fold Region

The mentolabial fold is an often overlooked region when performing facial filling.  Many patients have a short lower facial 1/3 and short chin and this causes a deep fold under the lip and above the chin.  This can easily be improved with injectable fillers.

Filler injection to the mentolabial fold

The following pictures show before and after images of filler injection of the mentolabial fold.

Long lasting or permanent fillers (injectable silicone) can be used to elevate facial irregularities such as depressions or scars from acne, trauma or surgically induced depressions.  The case below shows a patient that sustained a facial depression from a fall and was treated with a single injection of silicone.

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Silicone injection to depressed acne scars before and immediately after injection.

Fillers can also be used in some areas that are not as well known like the earlobes. As we age, our earlobes lose their youthful volume and also become wrinkled. A simple filler injection can restore youthfulness to aging earlobes.


The above images shows earlobe enhancement before and immediately after injectable fillers.