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Dr. Niamtu is frequently called on by the media to discuss new technologies in cosmetic facial surgery and is a regular expert on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX.

Dr. Niamtu featured in story about Bullied Teen with Protruding Ears

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Dr. Niamtu interviewed on ABC about new uses for Botox 2-9-17

Dr. Niamtu Interviewed on CBS 8 Morning Show 1-24-17

A local news story about a adolescent who was bullied about her protruding ears has expanded into the national and international media.  This story about Dr. Niamtu correcting the protruding ears of a young patient has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including Inside Edition, The Talk on CBS, The New Your Post, The London Daily Mail, Bild (Germany’s largest daily newspaper) and I have had numerous interviews from as far away as Australia.

This subject is sensitive on several levels, namely the damaging effects of bullying and the question “should children undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery?  The response has been very overwhelmingly positive for doing this type of procedure on children to prevent negative body image or self-confidence issues from bullying.  There have also been critical responses stating that everyone should merely love themselves.  Although I respect the views of everyone, I have seen the negative effects of bullying for facial deformities on both patients and their families and I don’t think this is any different than children having orthodontics to correct crooked teeth.

It has truly been my honor, and that of my awesome staff to assist this family and many others over the years in this manner.

Inside Edition

The Talk

It was my honor to help this beautiful young lady to escape the effect of peer bullying from her protruding ears.  Even small facial deformities can produce very negative psychological consequences in childhood that can lead to a lifetime of low self-esteem and negative body image.  My biggest reward is to see the positive personality effects and improvement of body image and self-confidence in these wonderful patients.  I have the best job in the world as I love doing surgery and making people look and feel better.  Many times it is merely vanity surgery but in cases like this, it can be life changing.   Click below to see the recent news story on ABC news.


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Joe Niamtu, III DMD

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I was honored to have been interviewed by Modern Aesthetics at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum in Las Vegas.  I have to admit, his first question sort of caught me by surprise 🙂


I have treated tens of thousands of patients over my career and Davette Hayes is one of the strongest, courageous and most beautiful people that I have ever met.  She is truly one of my heroes.  She was violently attacked with a machete in a domestic violence incident.  The surgeons at VCU Medical Center saved her life and her hand.  I have had the pleasure of treating Davette for the past several years to improve her facial scars and disfigurement.  We are treating her free of  charge and her presence lights  up our office and brightens our day.    Her resolve to heal (internally and externally) is amazing and I think she will devote her life to assisting other domestic violence victims and survivors.  It is truly our pleasure to assist her.

Dr. Joe Niamtu, III is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with a practice limited to cosmetic facial surgery.  He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and on their board of directors.

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Dr. Niamtu appeared on NBC 12 discussing the Tenth Year Anniversary of Botox Cosmetic approval by the FDA

Dr. Niamtu discusses bogus Botox on CBS news

- Dr. Niamtu discusses submentoplasty, a small lift and profile enhancement for younger patients. For more information visit www.lovethatface.com Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia www.lovethatface.com
- Patients often ask “Do I need a full facelift”?  The term “full faceilft” is a myth of sorts and Dr. Niamtu discusses this and explains how old unnatural looking facelifts have evolved into modern safe and natural procedures. For more information on facelift or cosemetic surgery visit  www.lovethatface.com Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery […]
- I have been doing a little segment called “A Great Little Case”. This involves a small video vignette showing various cosmetic facial surgery cases with actual before and after pictures and a brief explanation.  Today’s Great Little Case  for today involves 2 female patients with face and neck lifts. For more information on cosmetic facial […]
- Dr. Niamtu shows some otoplasty cases on children.
- I have been doing a new little video vignette that I call “A Great Little Case”.  These videos showcase some cosmetic surgery case that I think is of interest for various reasons.  Today’s case is about otoplasty, which is also known as ear pinning.  This is a procedure for protruding ears that is frequently done […]
-   It’s that time again, where local magazines open their “Best of Virginia” contests.  We are proud to have won “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” numerous times in the past.  These awards  underline our commitment to excellence in cosmetic facial surgery and mean a lot of me, my staff and our patients.  It only takes a minute […]
- I am proud to have had the opportunity to teach cosmetic facial surgery to doctors from every imaginable specialty in over 30 countries around the world.  Version II of my high definition teaching series is available for preview or purchase at www.cosmeticsurgeryeducation.com I have taken the most common cosmetic facial surgery surgical and nonsurgical procedures […]
- Festoons are excess wrinkled and crinkly tissue on the lower eyelids and upper cheek. In this video, Dr. Niamtu describes an effective, non-surgical treatment. For more information visit www.lovethatface.com Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia www.lovethatface.com
- No one ever “needs” a facelift as it is obviously an elective surgery.  I do get asked daily by patients, “How do you know when it is time to do a facelift?”  I have attempted to answer this question in the video below. For more information about face and neck lift or cosmetic facial surgery […]
- Rhinophyma is a disfiguring condition of the nose that can cause pain, dysfunction and social embarrassment.  In this video, Dr. Niamtu discusses and show the surgical treatment of a patient with rhinophyma and showcases other cases. For more information visit www.lovethatface.com Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia
- I have been lucky in my life to call numerous Buffalo Bills friends.  Among them Jim Kelly (fromw I met everyone else), Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Chris Mohr, Steve Tasker Andre Reed,, Darryl Talley, Cornelius Bennet are some of the greats of the golden age of the Bills. I have had the pleasure to watch […]
- Rhinophyma is a condition found mostly on the nose and is a result of rosacea, adult acne, inflammation and sometimes heredity.  It is manifested by large, bulbous over growth of soft tissue on the nose.  It is a problem for patients aesthetically, socially and is sometimes causes pain or infection.  For advanced cases, the only […]
- For 22 years I have been saving our empty Botox vials as “Cosmetic Surgery Art” and have added our most recent addition “Botox Betty”.   As one of the top 3% of Botox providers in the USA, we obviously use a lot of that product and have kept Richmond wrinkle free for decades.  I won’t reveal […]
- Cosmetic eyelid surgery is one of my favorite and most common procedures.  The upper face and especially the eyelids age faster that the lower face causing people in their forth and fifth decade to often look prematurely tired and older.  All four eyelids can be rejuvenated in under an hour and using laser technology there […]
- As we age, the lip often elongates and loses its fullness and curvature.  Also as the lip elongates, it can hide the upper teeth which causes a aging appearance.  The lip lift procedure is a 40 minute operation that reduces the length of the upper lip and rolls the lip up and out providing an […]
- What does a facelift really do?  Sounds like a simple enough question, but in reality it can be very confusing for patients.  Like many things in life, there are “real” facelifts and “gimmic” facelifts.  Many patients get duped by some short cut procedure that is touted as “new”, “medical breakthrough”, on and on.  In reality […]
- Osteomas are benign bony growths that produce a lump on the forehead.  Although these are harmless, they can occasionally cause pain but present more as a cosmetic problem.  Old style removal techniques involved making a large incision over the bump or sometimes the entire forehead.  Dr. Niamtu uses endoscopic surgery technique with small button hole […]
- I am honored to have won “Best Plastic Surgeon” from the Richmond Times Dispatch “Best of” contest for the 3 rd time.  These awards underscore my commitment and that of my staff for excellence in cosmetic facial surgery.  I am also honored to have such great friends who were also first place winners in this contest.  […]
- Yesterday I performed my 1,100 facelift!  This is a personal milestone as few surgeons perform this many face and neck lifts in a lifetime.  Since I only do face and neck surgery (no boobs, bellies or butts) I perform a lot more lifts than the average cosmetic or plastic surgeon.  Face and neck lift is […]
- One of the true joys of my practice is the large number of out of town, out of state and International patients we see.  It is an honor when a patient comes to my office from down the street, when they come from another state or country, the honor is even greater.  Not all practices […]

Dr. Niamtu featured on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today

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Inside Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Niamtu Discusses Google Glass Cosmetic Surgery Applications on CBS

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Dr. Niamtu featured on America Now with Leeza Gibbons

Dr. Niamtu on ABC discussing Lattise for eyelid enhancement

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Dr. Niamtu on NBC discussing injectable fillers

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Dr. Niamtu on CBS discussing bogus Botox

Dr. Niamtu on CBS discussing Cosmetic Surgery for Men (2005)

Dr. Niamtu on NBC discussing pro bono facelift on visually impaired patient (2005)

Dr. Niamtu on CBS discussing pro bono facial surgery on Paul Lattimer

Dr. Niamtu interviewed by Cosmetic Surgery Times Magazine on Cosmetic Surgery and the slow economy

Dr. Niamtu answers 20 questions about Richmond ARC and children with disabilities

Dr. Niamtu on CBS Good Morning Virginia

Dr. Niamtu was a guest on CBS Good Morning Virginia on 1-14-07 to discuss cosmetic facial surgery regarding protruding ear surgery in children and earlobe repair related to facial piercings gone wrong.

Dr. Niamtu on NBC about injectable fillers

Dr. Niamtu appeared on NBC story in 2006 about new injectable fillers.

Dr. Niamtu on ABC about endoscopic and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery

Dr. Niamtu featured on ABC about endoscopic and minimally invasive cosmetic facial surgery.

Dr Nimatu on NBC about counterfeit BOTOX

Dr. Niamtu featured on NBC for a news story on the dangers of counterfeit BOTOX®.

Dr. Niamtu on CBS about facelift technology

Dr. Niamtu being interviewed on new facelift technology by Cheryl Miller on CBS noon show.

Dr. Niamtu on NBC demonstrating BOTOX

Dr. Niamtu demonstrating BOTOX® on NBC 12.

Dr. Niamtu on CBS about Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Dr. Niamtu featured on CBS 6 on “Cosmetic Surgery for Men” on ABC.

Dr. Niamtu interview on Drive In Radio with Bill Bevins

Dr. Niamtu being interviewed in 2006 by Number One rated Drive in Radio show host Bill Bevins.

Dr. Niamtu on radio Q94.5 about BOTOX

Dr. Niamtu “demonstrates” how BOTOX® is injected on an radio interview with Q94.5’s Betty Bodine.