Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Facelift with Combination Procedures: The Key to Natural Results

Some patients present for face and neck lift only.  It is not uncommon to undergo other simultaneous complimentary cosmetic facial surgery procedures.  This video discusses a case of face and neck lift, cheek and chin implants, brow lift and laser skin resurfacing. For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit

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International School of Plastic Surgery, St. Petersburg, Russia

Cosmetic surgery has provided me the honor of speaking on 6 continents and I recently returned from speaking at the International School of Plastic Surgery in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  St. Petersburg is a beautiful medieval city in the European portion of Russia that has had some of the highest highs (beautiful European architecture)  and lowest […]

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How Do We Treat Fat During Facelift Surgery?

One question I frequently is “does a facelift help fat”.  The answer is a resounding yes.  A large part of the face and necklift procedure concerns fat management and sculpting.  The video below discusses and details fat management in facelift surgery. For more information about face and neck lift or cosmetic facial surgery visit […]

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Lieutenant Dan comes to Richmond!

I have had the honor once again of being a sponsor of Stories of Grace and Courage, a yearly event sponsored by the Virginia  Home.  The guest speaker this year was Gary Sinise.  Gary has starred in scores of movies and on the TV series CSI NY, but is perhaps best known for the role […]

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Faculty at Saint Louis University Oculoplastic Surgery Face Lift & Brow Lift Course

I have had the honor to lecture at over 20 Surgery/Cadaver workshops sponsored by the medical school at SLU over the past 15 years.  About 50% have been through the Facial Plastic Surgery program and the other 50% through the Oculoplastic Surgery program.  Both of these specialty workshops are awesome and the faculty includes some […]

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We would appreciate your vote!

Winning the “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” award means a lot to me and my staff and underlines our commitment to excellence in cosmetic facial surgery.  We work hard for maximum patient safety and natural results.  The support of our friends and patients is truly appreciated.  It only takes a minute and you can also vote for […]

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How Long Will My Facelift Last?

One of the most common questions in cosmetic surgery is “How long will my facelift last?” I discuss this question in the video below For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit

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