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Cheek and tear trough filler have become one of our most popular procedures.  Although cheek implants are a permanent option, many patients want a non surgical treatment.  Cheek enhancement is one of the most overlooked cosmetic procedures.  A small amount of filler in the cheeks can make a huge difference in making female and male patients look younger.  This is a painless, simple, ten minute procedure that has major results with virtually no recovery.  Contact our office for a comprehensive consultation for facial filler injection.

Tear Trough Injection

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The tear troughs are injected from below on the cheek

Before and after filler injection to the tear trough region.


Before and after filler injection to the tear trough region.


The top image shows a patient before tear trough injection and the bottom image shows the improvement during the injection procedure.  The lumpiness is a result of the needle punctures and will disappear overnight.

The video below shows Dr. Niamtu injecting the new filler Belotero into the tear trough and cheek

The picture above shows the technique for the “Botox” brow lift.  The same technique is also used with Dysport or Xeomin

The image above show the method for “Filler Brow Lift” and a patient before and immediately after the procedure.

Again, this technique is not a substitute for surgical brow lift, but rather an alternative option for selected patients.