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Facial Thirds: a good way to look at the face

I see a lot of patients this time of year who have made a resolution to look better and feel better about themselves.  This is a great time to have cosmetic surgery because you can cocoon in the winter and then the butterfly comes out in the spring!

The best way to decide what procedure is right for you is to divide your face into four parts: the upper face is the forehead and upper eyelids; mid-face is the lower lids, cheeks and upper lip; lower face is the jowls and neck; and the fourth area is the skin.

When patients come in for a complimentary consultation, I look at each of these areas separately and evaluate what kind of aging is there. Together, the patient and I decide whether it requires a surgical or non-surgical solution. All surgeries are performed in my fully accredited, in-office surgery suite.

For the upper face, surgical options consist of either a brow or upper lid lift. These are very effective procedures because the eyes are the first place to show age. Non-surgical upper face options include Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin and facial line fillers for mild to moderate wrinkles.

For the mid-face, lower lid surgery and cheek implants will lift the cheeks and eliminate bags, and can be performed in about an hour.  Injectible cheek, lip and smile line fillers are moderate  non-surgical procedures with no downtime.

For the lower face, surgical procedures include facelifts, liposuction and chin implants. There are varying degrees of facelifts, depending on the patient’s needs, budget and available recovery time. Botox Dysport, and Xeomin and fillers can also be effective non-surgical options.

Chemical peels and laser resurfacing are very effective for skin rejuvenation. Moderate aging and brown spots can be treated with fractional or light laser resurfacing for shorter recovery.  Non-surgical procedures include radio frequency mole removal, spider vein removal, and medically based (prescription strength) lifetime skincare.

If there’s something you’d like to change, 2012 is a good time to do it. I invite you to come in for a free consult and skin scan. You do so much for others. Let this be the year you do something for yourself!

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