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My One Hundredth Blog!

Several years ago, the notion of surgeons (or anybody for that matter) hosting blogs came to forefront of social media.  The word “blog” is short for “web log” which is a collection of writings by a person.  This is somewhat of an online diary or compilation of musings that an audience may or may not what to read.  The spirit of a blog is to be a little more relaxed and to serve as a forum for education or opinion.  It is also, admittedly a business tool to inform readers about aspects of ones avocation.

So, I wrote my first blog entry on 2-21-2008.  I was really not sure to whom I was writing or why anyone in particular was interested in what I may have to say.  Little did know that 48 months later I would have 160,000 views of my writings or opinions.  That is absolutely amazing to me and underlines the power of the internet.  I have been honored to have some of my writings quoted in national magazines and newspapers and also surprised to have stirred some ire with a few dissenting readers.  Again, that is what the Internet is supposed to do.

Probably 98% of my 100 entries deal with my passion (cosmetic facial) and were intended to be educative in nature. Most of these were procedural oriented, while others discussed the more abstract and biopsychosocial aspects of cosmetic surgery.  While I avoided politics and religion, I did touch on people with disabilities, vegan diets and psychology.

My blog generated about 300 reader comments which admittedly I have not been great at answering, but I do make the attempt.  Most have been supportive, a few have been heartfelt, several have been degrading and insulting and others have been purely spam in nature.

The urge to write is a strange one as sometimes it strikes hard while other times I have to really push to hit the keyboard.   There have been days that I wrote 4 blogs and an occasional month where I was conspicuously absent.

So, here I find myself at a true personal milestone; my one hundredth blog!  It takes about 20 minutes of forethought to peck out a post and if you do the math, 100 times 20 minutes is 2000 minutes.  That equals over 33 hours, so I have, in fact, sacrificed over a day in my life just typing out my quips and thoughts.

What’s next?  Well, I guess I will stay on the same horse and mostly discuss my profession.  I am told that contemporary bloggers include more than words, so I will be posting some of my YouTube videos as future blog topics (I have lost several days of my life recording and posting those as well).

Anyhow, I want to thank the people that clicked on and selected “blog” 160,000 times as they serve as my inspiration to continue this 21st century custom.  Now……….on to blog #101.


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