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Chin Implants: The Fastest Growing Cosmetic Surgery Procedure!

Every year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases statistics on cosmetic procedures and this year a very interesting phenomenon occurred.  Chin implants grew in popularity more than breast implants, liposuction and Botox combined!  The society reported a 71% increase in chin augmentation with the increases in all age groups.  This was great news to me as I have been a longtime proponent of facial implants, specifically chin and cheek and have published and lectured on this topic many times over the past decades on an international basis.

I think that it is interesting that some credit this rise to people seeing themselves during video chat, Skype and FaceTime.  I actually saw one surgeon who claims to have a special facelift just for that!  Sounds a little crazy to me.  We all look bad when we are on a phone or computer camera as the lenses are fixed and distort the proportion and the light is also usually compromised which makes look even worse.  I hope our society has not approached the point where the desire cosmetic surgery to look better while video chatting.  Kind of shallow.

Many patients, and unfortunately a lot of surgeons, do not appreciate the power of facial implants.  Since most patients do not see themselves in the profile view, the oftentimes do not realize that they have a weak chin or cheeks.  I perform facial implants with about 48% of my facelifts and also do many as singular procedures.  Many patients are surprised when I recommend chin or cheek implants, but they can be extremely powerful in creating a more youthful face and neck.  In addition, for men, they can masculinize the profile as men with recessive chins are often characterized as being weak.  For females, chin implants no only make a more tapered and youthful profile, they also serve to support the chin.  Many females develop “floppy” chins as they age and this is sometimes called “witch’s chin”.  By supporting the floppy chin and rejuvenating the profile, the witch’s chin deformity can be greatly improved.

The lower face is one of the first places to show aging and we lose our definition around the chin.  Skin damage, changes in fat, and aging in general contribute to jowl formation loss of the jaw outline and excess skin under the chin.  Chin implants can improve all of these aging changes by themselves or in conjunction with facelift or other cosmetic face and neck procedures.  Superior surgeons have always known the secret of rejuvenation with facial implants.


The above image shows a male patient with a chin implant for profile enhancement.

The above image shows a female patient with facelift and simultaneous chin implant.

The above image shows aesthetic chin improvement in a female patient that had a “witch’s chin” deformity.


Chin implant surgery is can be performed with a small incision under the chin or the implant can be placed through the mouth with a totally hidden scar.  The surgery takes about 30 minutes and is usually performed with IV anesthesia.  The recovery is generally about one week.  Swelling and transient lip numbness are common for the first week. Permanent complications are rare.  Implants are a favorable option because if the patient is happy with the result, it is permanent.  On the other hand, the implant can be easily removed or replaced if the patient desires.  Few things in cosmetic surgery are permanent and reversible.  Dr. Niamtu secures all implants with a micro screw to hold them in place.  Many surgeons do not secure implants and in this case, it is possible for them to migrate or become asymmetric.  Although some surgeons dispute this, Dr. Niamtu has fixed many implants over the years placed by other doctors that did not fixate them and they migrated or became mobile.  Dr. Niamtu only uses silicone rubber implants as they are very biocompatible, soft and pliable, natural feeling and easy to remove if ever desired.  Other implant materials are hard and rigid and become entangled into the soft tissues.  Removing them can cause significant damage, unlike the easily removable silicone implants.

I am elated that chin implants have finally made their way into the mainstream media as they have been one of my secret weapons for several decades.  Experienced surgeons know their power.

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