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Earlobe Repair

Actual patient of Dr. Niamtu

Earlobe repair is a very common procedure in my cosmetic facial surgery practice.  While most cases result from earrings tearing through the lobe, we also are doing more and more earlobe surgery for gauged earlobes that have been intentionally stretched.

Earlobe tears result from heavy earrings, snagging earrings on towels, phone, and hair brushes and also from babies grabbing them!  The repair of torn lobes is a simple 10 minute procedure with local anesthesia.  The previous scar is removed and the lobe is then sewn back together with dissolving sutures.  An earring can be put in the repair immediately so the patient is heals with the new earring in place.

Although this is a simple procedure, there are many nuances that can affect the final result.  If the edges of the lobe are not perfectly aligned, notching and unfavorable scarring can occur.  Although 99% of lobe repairs heal in an excellent manner, sometimes Dr. Niamtu will treat the healed lobe with laser resurfacing or silicone filler to make it more youthful and natural appearing.

The video below shows Dr. Niamtu performing a simple earlobe repair.  Dr. Niamtu uses Radiowave surgery or laser which allows incision without bleeding.  This means faster healing, less bruising and less discomfort.  The video contains actual surgical footage and may be graphic for some viewers.


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