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Little Girl, Huge Inspiration

kaylee Kosco Op SmilePro bono surgery and charity involvement has always been a priority in my practice and that of my partners.  Giving back to the community is a joy.

Once in a while you get a big surprise and I got one yesterday.  At the end of a long 12 hour day, I was still at my office and trying to catch up on patient charts and email and I noticed an unusual envelope on my desk.

I opened it and all the stress of the day vanished and a huge smile came to my face.  Enclosed was the a ziplock sandwich bag with 2 dollar bills and 4 quarters and a hand drawn card encouraging Operation Smile patients with the phrase “you can do it”.

This was accompanied by the following note from the sender’s mother.

“Hi there my name is Gabriela Kosco and my daughter’s name is Kaylee.  She was very touched to see an operation smile commercial on TV and she is sending you money that she did slave for to help raise money for children’s surgeries.  She wrote a note for the kids waiting for surgery saying “You can do it”.  I asked her why she wrote that and she said ‘to cheer them up and hang in there while they get their surgery”.  I picked her up early from school today and she wanted to personally go to the post office and send her envelope and the letter to the kids.  She also prays for them. Blessings, GK”

I am not sure how old Kaylee is, but she is obviously a young child with the heart full of love beyond her years.  Her mother Gabriela has obviously done an exemplary job instilling care and compassion in her young daughter.  It is pretty amazing that Kaylee saw this on TV and asked her mom to take the time to find me.  I have hosted several fund raisers for Operation Smile over the years and admire their humanitarian efforts.  They make a difference and Kaylee also has made a difference.  I am taking this $3 and turning it into a $100 donation to Operation Smile in Kaylee Kosco’s name.  See Kaylee, caring about people inspires others to do the same and the effect can become magnified.  Your three dollars turned into $100 in several minutes and will help the children served by Operation Smile.

You can do it!  Perhaps Dr. Bill Magee and the staff of Operation Smile can adopt Kaylee’s phrase as an official slogan for the children undergoing surgery from Operation Smile.  It would make a great tee shirt!

Thank you Kaylee, I hope to meet you in person sometime.


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