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Articles published in the scientific literature by Dr. Niamtu on injectable fillers.

Dr. Niamtu J.

Facial rejuvenation using neurotoxins and injectable fillers. Gen Dent. 2013 Nov-Dec;61(7):38-46

Dr. Niamtu J.

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Dr. Niamtu J.

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Dr. Niamtu, J
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Dr. Niamtu, J

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Dr. Niamtu J.

Perioral soft tissue rejuvenation techniques
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Volume 22, number 11 pg 729-36, 2003

Dr. Niamtu, J
Fat transfer gun used as a precision injection device for injectable soft tissue fillers.
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Dr. Niamtu, J
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Dr. Niamtu, J
Simple technique for lip and nasolabial fold
anesthesia for injectable fillers
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Dr. Niamtu, J
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Dr. Niamtu, J
Reply: Foreign body reaction to hyaluronic acid: an adverse outcome of lip augmentation.
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Dr. Niamtu, J
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Dr. Niamtu, J
Facial Aging and Regional Enhancement with Injectable Fillers.
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Dr. Niamtu, J
Accurate and Anatomic Midface Filler Injection by Using Cheek Implants as an Injection Template.
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Dr. Niamtu, J
Experience and Evaluation of a New, Saline-Filled Implant for Cosmetic Lip Augmentation.
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Dr. Niamtu, J
Vo-lip-tuous: Injectable Lip Fillers
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Dr. Niamtu, J
Interspeicalty Battles: Who Should Perform Cosmetic Facial Surgery?
Cosmet Dermatol 2009;22:341-342

Dr. Niamtu, J
When good fillers go bad
Plast Surg Pract 2009;(28): 16-20

Dr. Niamtu, J
Injection gun used for precision device for fat transfer. In Shiffman (ed).Autologous Fat Transfer. Heidleburg: Springer, 2010, 397-400.

Dr. Niamtu named to faculty of Progressive Aesthetic Learning Essential to Technical Expertise

P.A.L.E.T.T.E .

The PALETTE faculty is made up of well known filler experts across the USA and has to goal to teach safe and effective filler techniques to doctors from multispecialties.

Dr. Niamtu named to teaching faculty of Aesthetic Health Dimensions Editorial Review Board

In September of 2008, Dr. Niamtu had the honor of being appointed to the Editorial Review Board of Aesthetic Health Dimensions. This group is composed of well known plastic surgeons and dermatologists who are leaders in the teaching and development of facial fillers.

Dr. Niamtu is a physician member of the Medicis Aesthetics Advisory Council

Dr. Niamtu Co-AuthorsInjection Technique Teaching DVD Sponsored by the University of South Florida

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