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Inexpensive, Over the Counter, Skin Care Products that Really Work!

Oil of Olay

Although I spend my days performing surgery and injectables, skin care is a big part of our practice that can benefit each and every patient.  Women are pretty motivated and used to using products, but most guys are pretty lazy (like me) when it comes to using skin care products.  I have found 2 products from Oil of Olay that you simply use in the shower, making it easy for everyone to use, even the laziest guys.  The first product is the Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter.  It is a great foamy shower wash and a little bit goes a long way.  So the first step is to wash with with this.

The next product is an  Ultra Moisturizer – In Shower Body Lotion.  After you wash with the body wash product, you turn the shower off for a second and apply the body lotion.  Finally you turn the shower back on and lightly rinse off.  Both of these products have generous amounts of moisturizer in them and you will definitely feel the softness on  your skin.  The great  news is that it feels smooth and not greasy.

You won’t notice a difference overnight, but I have been using this combo for several months and I really think that it has done a good job moisturizing my skin and making it less wrinkled (especially chicken skin on arms and legs 🙁

My wife and staff were always after me do something about my dry skin and I have finally found an effortless, inexpensive and most important……easy way to do it.

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