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1 million Blog hits and 2 million YouTube Hits

1 million blog

My main goal in life was to be a surgeon, a teacher and an author.  Medical publishing on the topic of cosmetic facial surgery is and has always been a big part of my life.  In 2008 I began writing a blog and posting YouTube videos on cosmetic facial surgery wondering who would read them.  I am elated to say that this month I have had my one millionth hit on my blog and my 2.2 million view of my YouTube videos.  This is truly astonishing and satisfying as many of these blogs and movies were posted after midnight, trying to use my spare time to write.  Probably 98% of these posts and videos deal with cosmetic surgery and the remainder deal with various topics such as people with disabilities, domestic violence, and other pressing issues.  With a total of over 3 million views, it makes you wonder who reads or watches them; in what country and what time of the day or night.

There is no doubt that social media has changed the landscape of communication, education and cosmetic surgery in general and it takes a lot of work (again in your spare time) to attempt to stay abreast.  These videos and posts are interactive and I receive inquiries and discussions and answer responses from students, patients, and other surgeons all over the world. So far this week I have communicated with people from Thailand, India, Kenya, Romania, Germany, Japan, Canada and of course various states in the USA.

When I went into practice 30 years ago, I began seeing patients from the Southside of the James River in Richmond, this spread to the entire city and over the years to a statewide level and on to other states.  The last decade has advanced my practice (and that of many other surgeons) to an international level.   This is truly an honor and is reflective of the Internet effect, the popularity of cosmetic surgery and the depth of social media.

Generating media for 3 million views has been a labor, but it is a labor of love.  For more information on cosmetic facial surgery visit


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