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New Makeup Trends to Make You Glow When Pregnant

My blogging has been quiet for much of the past 6 months as I had to finish the second edition of my text book Cosmetic Facial Surgery.  I have completed the preliminary writing and time to get back to my website and blog.
I have never has a guest blogger before but I am proud to post a blog by well known health and beauty consultant Gweneve Lewis.  We rarely think about beauty and pregnancy but it is a hot topic of interest for  many mommies to be.  I thank Gwen for her writing.


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When you’re pregnant, the cliché is that you’re going to glow. But unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Pregnancy can bring a variety of skin problems, such as dryness or discoloration, but the good news is that some of the latest makeup trends can help to turn those problems into prettiness.













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Illuminate with Eye Cream

A lack of sleep when you’re pregnant can cause the skin around your eyes to suffer from puffiness or dark circles. Start by using a light eye cream under your eyes to nourish the area. Applying an eye cream before makeup also helps to fill in lines and wrinkles. Then, gently dab on a concealer product with a makeup brush to the area of skin that needs remedying. Avoid using your fingers as this can cause you to apply too much product. Less product is better coverage!


Cover up Discoloration  
Pregnancy can make your skin more sensitive due to the change in hormones, so you don’t want to apply too much product to your face. But if your skin is patchy or discolored, again thanks to hormones, you need tinted moisturizer or a CC cream to correct your skin without packing on the heavy products.

Of course, going one step beyond foundation by nourishing your skin with skin brightening products will help your complexion be vibrant and gorgeous at a base level. Be sure to check with your doctor about using skin lightening creams when pregnant before you go ahead and always use natural skin brightening products that don’t contain harmful chemicals.a2gwen

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Be Lovely in Lavender

If your skin is looking fantastic with a natural radiance that sometimes comes during pregnancy, you should be making the most of it! Wear as little makeup as possible, and if you simply have to wear it, make use of one of the hottest makeup trends that bloomed in spring: soft lavender. This color will look very striking on naturally-radiant skin and it’s only needed in small amounts on your eyelids and lips for a gorgeous and illuminating appearance.


Make it Creamy

Powder formulations tend to be too heavy during the warmer months, especially since you don’t want anything that feels like it’s clogging up your skin. Since pregnancy skin can also be prone to breakouts, the last thing you want is to clog your pores. It’s therefore a good idea to switch powder products for lighter cream consistencies. These not only feel lighter, but they look softer too, which is especially good if you’re pregnant because you don’t want to look too made up. The idea is to be fresh and radiant!

A clever makeup trend is to multi-task with your cream makeup items, which is both convenient and saves you time in the mornings. So, for instance a lip product could double-up as blush for your cheeks, or vice versa, and you can easily touch up during the day to maintain the fresh, luminous look.


Use a Nourishing Primer

Dry skin is a common problem during pregnancy, but you don’t have to be stuck with it or make it prevent you from wearing makeup. Facial primers are becoming even more beneficial for skin by being infused with nourishing ingredients such as coconut water. These elixirs refresh your skin and keep it smooth, while doing what traditional primers are meant to do: make your foundation. last longer as well as fill in any lines and wrinkles so that your complexion is flawless


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There are exciting new makeup trends that every woman should try for a more glowing complexion, especially when you’re pregnant and want to look your most radiant self. Follow these makeup tips and tricks so you can maximize your glow in a flash!


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