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We have Apple Pay

Being a techie, I am always excited when technology and business can mesh for a better experience.  One of the bottle necks of any busy practice is the check out.  Patients leaving have to wait for other patients to check out and pay their fee.  Some patients write checks, some patients fumble around their purses for credit cards and some patients pay in cash and have to wait for change.  All of this takes time.  Apple is a new example of immediate payment which greatly accelerates paying ones bill.  More and more businesses are beginning to use Apple Pay and similar formats as they are not only time saving, but offer a more secure process for the consumer as all transactions are encrypted and secure.  We have offered Apple Pay in our practice for 6 months, it has not become mainstream, but in my opinion, will quickly catch on once consumers see how quick and efficient it is.  I love using vendors that offer Apple Pay and we are happy to offer it to our patients.

Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia

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