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Niamtu Cosmetic Surgery Textbook Second Edition now Available for Preorder


One of the biggest honors of my life was to write one of the most popular international textbooks on cosmetic surgery in 2010 for Elsevier, the worlds largest medical publishers.  My book sold well and last year I had another honor when asked to write a second edition from the plastic surgery division of Elsevier in London.  This has been a project of awesome proportions as I have basically written a totally new book.  I pretty much typed on the keyboard and took over 3,000 pictures over the past 12 months.  I am currently reviewing all the chapters and the book is slated to be published in January 2017 and I hope the company stays on schedule.  In this addition I have added new chapters with internationally recognized guest editors from the fields of plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, dermatology, maxillofacial surgery and oculoplastic surgery.  My previous edition was published in several languages and I have not found out at this point what languages will be selected for the new edition.  The book is also available in electronic form, as are most new textbooks.


The second edition is now available for preorder.

I am excited to get a copy in my hands.


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