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Jim Kelly is the Toughest Guy I Know!

I have been friends with Jim and his brothers for almost 30 years and have shared a lot of great times with them.  I also share having disabled children with Jim and Jill.  As a Hall of Fame quarterback for the Bills, Jim was known for this toughness.  His biggest battles, however, have been with oral cancer (no he did not ever dip).  Jim recently had a recurrence of his cancer and underwent a very complex reconstruction grafting skin, muscle and bone from his left leg into his upper jaw.  This was performed by a very competent team of experts at Mt. Sinai in NYC.  Jim spent several weeks in the ICU and then several more weeks in a nearby hotel.  I flew up for the day last week and was afraid to see his condition when I arrived.  I was taken back by how well he looked and how great his spirits were.  Cancer is a terrible disease and facial reconstructions are hard, painful, complex and disfiguring.  He really looked great, which is a testament to his ongoing toughness.

This procedure will allow him to eventually have a permanently fixated upper prosthesis with much improved function.  He will win on this as Jim is a winner.  He continues to set examples for me and thousands of others.

When I was leaving the hotel, I walked into the lobby and bang, there was Cheech, from Cheech and Chong.  I took a picture with him and texted it to Jim and Jill, whose room I had left about 90 seconds before.  We all had a good chuckle.

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