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Happy Mother’s Day to a Very Special Mom!


Obviously, Mother’s Day is one of the most important celebrations of the year.  This is a time to attempt to show Mother’s (and wives) how important they are in our lives.  I say “attempt” because most of us fall short in the expression of gratitude because it is frequently impossible to thank mom enough.

My mother passed away at a young age, but was so instrumental in shaping my personality, giving me a sense of humor, teaching me to respect all people and provide special help or attention to the less fortunate, to be honest, and an exhaustive list of other ways to be a good person.

Since my mother is not alive, my wife April, mother of my two sons, gets all my attention on Mother’s Day.  Having two severely disabled sons is a challenge that is impossible to describe on paper.  Likewise, the love they show us, despite being non-verbal is just as indescribable.

My wife is a very special type of mother and faces responsibilities that most moms will never face.  She has endured scores of operations and ICU nights, hundreds of doctor visits, has had to become an expert on things such as feeding tubes, breathing equipment, seizures and a long list of other medical problems.  She manages more than a dozen nurses that provide around the clock care for both of my sons and when one of these nurses calls out sick, April’s world changes on a dime.  She now has to be the nurse, staying up all night or cancelling all plans for that day. This happens a lot and she never complains………..because she is a mother and that is what mothers do. If a feeding tube comes out, it is off to the hospital.  She has spent hundreds of hours in medical facilities over the past 18 years.

I often think that April has forgotten that our sons have severe disabilities because she treats them like “normal” kids.  She dresses them much better than dad would.  She keeps their haircut (something else dad can’t do) and dresses them up and decorates for every holiday.  Always a new, yet embarrassing costume for Halloween.  She plans many trips to the park. She makes sure we have our precious time on the couch as a family every night.  She makes sure we have our time going in the pool when dad gets home from work.

Since we will never hear my sons speak a word, I want April to know what they would say if they could talk. Joey and Evan would say “Mom, although we can’t express it to you in words, we are the luckiest sons in the world to have you our mom.  Your love and devotion has made us feel loved and comfortable.  You have protected us at all costs and we realize how this responsibility has taken from your own life.  We love you so much for everything you do.  We are happy and content because we know you are always there for us.  You cuddle us when we are sick, you keep us smiling and you are a gold medal mom.  Our only complaint is we are forced to watch The Voice and American Idol night after night!

We love you, mom, including Steve (her oldest son) and it is impossible to thank you enough for all you do.  You are thrust of our life, protection, and happiness.  You do all the things that normal moms do plus hundreds of things that other moms will never have to do.  For that, you are the best.

Happy Mother’s Day, we love you.”



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