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International School of Plastic Surgery, St. Petersburg, Russia

Cosmetic surgery has provided me the honor of speaking on 6 continents and I recently returned from speaking at the International School of Plastic Surgery in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  St. Petersburg is a beautiful medieval city in the European portion of Russia that has had some of the highest highs (beautiful European architecture)  and lowest lows (The Siege of Leningrad) in history. For centuries it has been a cultural capital and is very reminiscent of other major European cities such as Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Rome, etc. The cultural influences are amazing and a person could spend an entire year there just looking at the architecture of the many famous churches and buildings in that city.

After my lectures I had the pleasure to tour Moscow, another city steeped in history and culture.  These cities are safe and clean and jammed with international tourists.  The people we very friendly and you definitely need a guide to really appreciate the city.

I would like to thank all the docs and friends that helped make this trip so enjoyable; we will be back.The following pictures are some highlights of the trip.

Plastic Surgeons from left to right Dr. Anna Borovikova from Moscow, Dr. Irina Khrustaleva Chairman of Plastic Surgery in St. Petersburg.  Dr. Denis Agapov and Dr. Andre Andreishchev plastic surgeon in St. Petersburg.  On the far right, my name badge fro the meeting.

Lecturing on facelift, blepharoplasty and laser.  Marking patient in live surgery session.


Moscow is a beautiful city with dramatic and eclectic architecture.  The domes are St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square at the Kremlin and the skyscrapers are part of the new Moscow skyline.  A Faberge egg in the Faberge Museum in Moscow.

This was one of the best trips of my life and I enjoyed the doctors, learning and teaching experiences, the cities, the people and the new friends I made.

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