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Positive Vibe Cafe Guest Bartender Recap and Contest Winners

Garth Larcen, Owner of Positive Vibe

Most Awesome Staff of Niamtu Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Guest singer…………….Joe Bon Jovi

The Back Seat Drivers

………………and the winners are………………..


April and I along with my most awesome staff were honored and thrilled to help raise funds for the Positive Vibe Cafe.  If  you don’t know about Positive Vibe, is a restaurant in Stratford  Hills Shopping Center on Forest Hill Ave. This unique facility trains individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities to work in the food service business and also employs numerous staff with these challenges.  There is nothing like it around and they do such great things for their students, employees and our community, they are one of my favorite charitable organizations.

I want to thank all the gang that came out to support us and donate.  We raised a respectable amount of donations as well as kicked up food and bar sales for a Saturday night in July.

The winners of the cosmetic drawing are:


Botox Certificate $350- Loretta Wiggins

Juvederm Lip and Wrinkle filler -$550  Amy Stallings

Obagi Skin Care Package- $550  Chris Tsui

The winners can pick up their certificates at our office at any time.

Thanks to Garth, Max, and Pete from the Board of Directors at Positive Vibe as well as the music of the fabulous Back Seat Drivers.  This little neighborhood band can rock!!


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