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Father’s Day for Me

I am lucky that I have a father and am a father!  My dad will be 97 this July and is sharp as a tack!  He is a WW II vet and proud American.  I have to thank him for his fathering because raising Joe III was not an easy task.  I had many diversions :).  I credit my success in life and business to my dads guidance, tenacity, example and mentoring.  He (and my mom Elsie) encouraged me to work hard, succeed, stay out of trouble (usually), embrace all people and help those who need it.  I am lucky that I had parents and guidance.  My dad taught me to never quit, never give up and work hard.  There was an occasional belt to the butt, which was aptly deserved.  I could not have had a better role model.

Although my sons don’t know its Father’s Day and cannot verbally wish me a happy one, they show me love 24/7 and the toughness and tenacity my father showed my has been passed down to these guys.  They are fighters!  Joey and Evan have been through so much in their lifetime,  but they radiate love

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Joe Niamtu, III



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