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Fully Accredited in Office Ambulatory Surgery Center for 18 years

I am so proud of my office and staff for once again passing our AAAHC surgery center accreditation.  Most surgeons offices do not have fully accredited surgery centers on site.  The reason for this is that very rigid standards are necessary and the process is work intensive and expensive.  We have to do numerous studies, emergency drills, and have reams of paperwork and policies to do on a weekly basis. Our office is inspected on a regular basis by AAAHC surveyors to ensure quality of care.  In effect, we have our own mini hospital and are held to much higher standards than the average office.  This work and accreditation makes us better and safer and allows us to follow our quest for patient safety and natural results.  My staff, especially our Human Resource Officer Ashley Gulak work very hard to maintain and uphold our accreditation status.  I can never thank them enough.


The Certificate

What it takes to earn the certificate!

Some of advantages of a fully accredited ambulatory office surgery center include:

  • Enables your organization to meet high patient-safety standards and achieve recognition for the services you provide
  • Recognizes the quality of services you provide
  • Demonstrates a commitment to providing high-quality health care with intentional organizational design
  • Develops the practices and process needed to comply with federal, state, and local laws in addition to accreditation standards for the care you provide
  • Qualify for Medicare and Medicaid certification without undergoing separate federal and state regulatory inspections
  • Differentiates your organization with ongoing quality improvement benchmarks
  • Places continuous improvement at the center of your culture
  • Exemplifies distinguished outcomes in your community
  • Attracts highly trained and experienced health care talent who appreciate the value of accreditation
  • Provides the organizational structure and support to retain top talent
  • Creates a path for ongoing education with peer-reviews and timely training topics
  • Creates a system to mitigate and reduce risk with a customized and thorough review of your organization and best practice recommendations to continuously improve your patient outcomes
  • Establishes a solid track record for the level of service you provide within your community and strengthens your ability to attract more interest in your services

Having surgery at a AAAHC accredited office surgery center is another step that allows to pursue excellence in cosmetic facial surgery.



Office Address

Joe Niamtu III, DMD
11319 Polo Place
Midlothian, VA 23113

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

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