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SCALE Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology Meeting in Nashville 2022

I am honored to have once again been invited as part of the faculty of the annual SCALE meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.  Cosmetic surgery and Medicine superstars Michael Gold and Brian Biesman have once again hosted one of the foremost cosmetic meetings in the country.  My lecture topics were “transfollicular Brow and Forehead Lift” and “Endoscopic Removal of Frontal Bone Osteomas”.

One of the best things about any cosmetic meeting is seeing friends from around the world.

It is always great to see my friends Dr. Jean and Alastair Carruthers.  These doctors are credited with the development and first cosmetic usage of Botox.  Two of the most amazing people I know.

Speakers for plastic surgery section included my friends Dr. Mike Nayak, Dr. Randy Waldman and Dr. Greg Mueller.

Another facial surgery session with speakers Drs. Guy Massry,  Mike Nayak, Greg Mueller and meeting co-organizer and oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Brian Biesman.

Florida oculoplastic surgeon and well known teacher of fillers and Botox, Dr. Steve Fagien.  Great doc and great friend.

Second to operating, teaching is my other passion and I am lucky to be involved with amazing surgeons like the ones pictured.

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