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Today is Jenny Jernigan RN Day in Our Practice

I am so lucky to have the most compassionate and dedicated staff in the world.  I give a shout out to employees that celebrate 10 or more years with Team Niamtu.  Today is all about Nurse Jenny (officially Jennifer Jernigan RN).

Jenny interviewed with me 15 years ago as a new nurse looking for a job.  I can’t exactly remember if she showed up at her interview in a softball uniform or a little school girl outfit.  In any event this bubbly blond nurse would become an indispensable teammate, confidant, and nurse extraordinaire!

Talk to any successful surgeon and they will testify that a competent surgical nurse makes all the difference in the world to ones success in and out of the operating room.  A stellar OR nurse is an integral part of surgery; an extension of the surgeon.  It is like other paired players that are essential for success such as two figure skaters, a quarterback and receiver, a pilot, and a copilot, or a pitcher and a catcher.  The choreography of a talented surgeon operating with a skilled first assistant can be as graceful as ballet.  Over 15 years and many thousands of cosmetic facial procedures, Jenny has become an extension of my skills.  She know just what do do and when to do it as well as what not to do.  She knows my every move and anticipates it.  I value her thought processes and dexterity.  Much of my success depends on the talent of the first assistant.  Traits such as having the right equipment, being a guardian of safety and compassion and being available for patients regardless of the time of day or night.  Being someone you can count on through thick and thin.  Someone who will always do what is right for the patient.  Someone the entire team counts on for consistency. Someone who not only assists, but adds input and suggestions for the best outcomes.

I have watched this young nurse blossom in her education, experience and become a wife and mother.  I have a great team and Jenny is the heartbeat.  She has also become a Master Injector and after 15 years or assisting me, she has her own Botox and filler practice within my practice.  Patients love seeing Nurse Jenny. I hope she can work with me forever and she is teaching the other staff the pearls of my mantra “performing safe surgery with natural results.

You are the best Jenny, thanks for being you.

Joe Niamtu, III DMD

Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Richmond, Virginia



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