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Queen Elizabeth’s Aging from the Eye of A Cosmetic Facial Surgeon


We mourn the passing of one of the most iconic people in the last century and one of my heroes.  Queen Elizabeth was an attractive woman with impressive facial proportions.  Looking at the top pictures, the relationship of her forehead, eye brows, eye size and midface fullness are all within statistical norms for her ethnicity and pleasing.  Her nose size and slope of her  nasal bridge was attractive and in harmony with the relationship of her chin.  Her lips were full and well defined.  Her chin was slightly recessive in youth but grew to a normal position as she aged.   I am not sure of her age in the lower left photo, but I would say she was in her 50’s.  She retained an almost perfect (110 degree) cervicomental angle (the angle from her chin to her neck).  In the lower left picture we can see some eyebrow descent and excess  upper eyelid skin along with some crow’s feet wrinkles and deepening wrinkles on her neckline.  I would say she aged better than most people.  In the lower right picture, she manifests all of the changes that are usually in play by the seventh decade and beyond.  These include brow drooping, significant upper eyelid skin excess, lower lid skin wrinkling and fullness, and a slight drooping of her nasal tip.  Her upper lip is elongated, her chin is drooping, she has “marionette lines” around her mouth, jowling on the side of here jaw, loss of definition of her jawline, and excess and wrinkled neck skin.

She remained an  elegant woman inside and out until her passing. This is a case study of  aging, but in a person of royalty; someone who had access to the best of everything.  These changes will happen to each and everyone of us as we age.  You can’t escape aging……even if you are a Queen!

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