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My Recent Trip to Asia

At the meeting Lecturing in Korea Lecturing in Tokyo Japanese Shrine I have had the pleasure and honor to lecture on 6 continents. My prior trip to Asia was lecturing in Istanbul, Turkey. Several weeks ago April and I departed for South Korea and Japan. I have to say that going to Korea several weeks […]

Middle Eastern Cosmetic Facial Surgery

While speaking at a cosmetic surgery conference in Las Vegas last month I was interviewed by Tajmeeli which is an online site to “Help Arabs navigate the world of cosmetic surgery.”  This underlines the intense desire for all cultures to look good.  It was interesting to see myself showcased in Arabic.  My basic premise is […]

I Have Met the Real Ken and Barbie!

        Cosmetic surgery is not only my job, it is my passion and one of the perks is getting to lecture all over the world. There are some curious things associated with this profession and whether you call it bizarre, edgy, interesting or crazy, the world is obsessed with looking younger. Whether […]

Argentina: a surgical trip of a lifetime

My academic cosmetic surgery travels have taken me to six continents over the past 15 years and I have been lucky to share the beauty and friendship of many countries.  This summer I lectured in Turkey and had an awesome trip.  Last week, I returned from Buenos Aires Argentina with phenomenal experience and memories. I […]

Please Don’t Call Me a Plastic Surgeon

The field of cosmetic surgery has increased at an exponential rate over the past several decades.  Many paradigm shifts have occurred and this has changed the entire landscape of aesthetic surgery.  If a practitioner that performed aesthetic surgery procedures 40 years ago were to spend a day in my office they would be amazed by […]

Choosing the Right Patient

It takes a long time to become a surgeon and when it is all over and the shingle gets hung, all physicians must spend a great deal of energy for the rest of their working lives soliciting patients.  Some surgeons do this very aggressively with marketing, TV, Radio, etc. while others do it more subtly […]