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Video of Dr. Niamtu performing Gauged Earlobe Repair

The following video shows Dr. Niamtu using radiowave surgery to repair a gauged earlobe.  This technology is basically bloodless and no bleeding surgery means faster healing, less bruising and less discomfort.

Dr. Niamtu’s articles on Gauged Earlobe Repair

Dr. Niamtu has published multiple scientific articles on his technique of performing this surgical procedure. Dr. Niamtu, J Cosmetic Otoplasty Cosmetic facial surgery, St. Louis, 2011, Mosby Elsevier. Dr. Niamtu J. The art and science of otoplasty. Plast Surg Pract  2009;(19):15-18 Dr. Niamtu, J Eleven Pearls for Cosmetic Earlobe Repair Dermatol Surg. 2002 Feb;28(2):180-5. Dr. […]

Gauged Earlobe Repair: A growing Request

    People have been intentionally expanding their earlobes for thousands of years.  Over the last 20 years this has become more popular with the rise in body art including piercing and tattoos.  Ear gauging is most common in college aged men and women.  As the popularity of gauging has increased, cosmetic surgeons are seeing […]

Dr. Niamtu Featured on America Now

What a surprise today when a TV was on in our office and all of a sudden, Dr. Niamtu was talking on national TV!  America Now is a national TV syndicated show featuring Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic that covers popular culture.  The show and website featured a news story and video originally aired by […]

Dr. Niamtu on NBC 12 discussing gauged earlobe repair

Click above to view video I have written a blog on repair of gauged earlobes in the past ( and was recently involved in a news story on NBC 12.  Anchor Curt Autry discusses the societal impact of earlobe expansion and interviews two female patients on what let them to expand their earlobes and […]

Gauged Ear Lobe Repair

Although people have been adorning or stretching their ear lobes for thousands of years, it has become socially fashionable with younger people along with tattooing and body piercing.  I have seen many patients that are now entering the workplace and consider the stretched ear lobes a liability for being hired.  To my surprise, many of these […]