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Lower Eyelids

Lower Eyelids

The lower eyelids also make patients look older and tired.  The fat that normally cushions the eyeball begins to protrude with age and produces pouches on the lower eyelid.  These tend to look worse in the morning or when we are tired.  These pouches also produce a shadow under the lower lid which contributes to “dark circles”.  The lower eyelid skin is very thin and becomes crinkly and wrinkled.  Sun damage and pigment changes also contribute to the dark circles of aging. Treatment of lower eyelid aging involves lower eyelid blepharoplasty where the excess fat is reduced through a hidden incisions inside the lower lid.  The lower lid skin wrinkling is usually addressed with laser resurfacing, chemical peel or surgical excision.  Eyelid surgery takes about 15 minutes per lid and the recovery is about one week.



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