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Lips & Smile Lines

Lips & Smile Lines

The lips also undergo significant aging changes from youth to senior.  These changes include atrophy of the skin, mucosa, fat, muscle and glands.  The natural loss of tooth structure also affects the form of the lips.  Younger females have plump lips with an S- curve from the bottom of the nose to the teeth.  In addition, youthful lips are shorter than older lips. This picture shows the lips of a 25 year old and a 65 year old.  Note that the youthful lips are curved, plump and short while the older patients upper lip is elongated and has lost its volume and natural curves.

The older lip also develops vertical lipstick lines and the corners of the mouth become down turned.Treatment of the aging lips includes injectable fillers , Botox and Dysport, laser skin resurfacing and lip implants. The smile lines are called nasolabial folds and run from the nostrils to the side of the mouth.  Injectable fillers can plump deep smile lines and take off years in several minutes.



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